Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 3 May 2013

3rd May

Hi all, today I took the girls over the field and we went for a stroll and I did a touch of birdwatching. I've been waiting to see what was going to happen with the geese and today I was rewarded with the babies. I'll be putting some photos on here at the end. We have had some lovely weather here and it's set to last for the weekend and bank holiday monday, hurra. With freegle I got a fab exercise bike for mum and she's doing some every day. I said to her is there anything else you'd like and she mentioned audio books. I put a wanted post on the other day and I picked up over 30 in tapes and cd's, such a great thing. The birds love the bird table I got a couple of weeks ago. I planted some pansies last Monday and they have taken well, I just want to get a few more to look out of the conservatory up towards the back so there's a bit of colour.I'm getting birds nearly all day now which is fab, I'm so pleased but I waste so much time just looking out at them. The photos show Poppy after running into a stinky pond over the field. I've been putting dogs hair and cotton wool out for the birds and they have been happily taking it for their nests. Tomorrow I've got 2 lessons then a couple of test drives. I'll be having a go at making cinnamon swirls for hubby and making a Victoria sandwich with cream and strawberries for Sunday,if it turns out well I'll take a picture, Linda x

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