Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Thursday, 7 February 2013


Hi all. I must say how cold it's turned again, just when I thought it was safe to go out. I've just taken the rubbish out ready for collection tomorrow and it seemed to be snowing or sleeting a bit, I hope we don't get all that starting up again. The field is better now as I don't have to hose the girls down just their feet. The other day when on a lesson with a pupil we got caught up in a big traffic jam only to find a transporter lorry had got stuck under a bridge and one of his 2 Jags had come off the back and fallen onto the road. There was a policeman taking pictures otherwise I would have done the same as we drove passed but I didn't want to risk being in his picture then being prosecuted. Saffy has been wearing socks again for a while as she won't leave her feet alone and this evening I thought I'd let a bit of fresh air get to them and blow me down she makes her leg bleed.Hubby bought her some rubber boot type things to put over her socks when she goes in the garden to keep her socks dry but they took a bit of getting used to, they are a bit like small balloons.I got some new glasses for crimbo but when I first took them away I knew something was wrong but I said I take them and play. 2 weeks later and still not getting on with them I went back to the opticians and in the end they had to change the lenses, now they are fine. I got another pair of varifocals, good for driving and reading. Hubby ordered me some new contacts so should be picking them up on Saturday. Eyes all sorted again after a change of prescription. Not been a bad week for lessons this week as I have about 4 on test soon who wanted a few more lessons. Hubby and I will be away for a night soon so mum will be doggy sitting. Ok peeps it's 20.18 and I'm off to make a cuppa. Take care, Linda x

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