Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Monday, 11 February 2013

Rain and snow

Hi all. Went to Bournemouth yesterday and drove down in horrendous rain with little or no vision due to the spray and today I drove back in a snowstorm, talk about ideal weather conditions. It was a little break that was part of hubbies crimbo pressie. Yesterday we walked for 2 hrs 10 mins along the beach in the pouring rain but we were well dressed for it in our wet weather gear and it wasn't cold and we both enjoyed our walk. Today we went to the town and we were so cold we had to go back to the car and get an extra layer each to put on as well as getting hats and gloves. It really started to snow hard so we made the decision to leave about 1.40pm to set off home just incase we got snowed in. The snow was really heavy for a while then we had rain, then for a time just normal driving. It made a change and mum was doggy sitting but Poppy never ate anything yesterday apart from a couple of treats and didn't eat until I cooked a bit of fish for them both about 17.30. Poppy is all settled again now and mum has handed back the reins to me Linda x

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