Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Monday, 18 February 2013


Hi all. Got up this morning and found out there was no water as there had been a burst water-main with Thames Water but there was enough for a cuppa, very important. I thought I'd have to go to my new pupil with a cap on but about 9am the water came back. Rushed upstairs to wash my hair and fill the water jug and kettle. Saw the new pupil as if nothing had happened. The water was a bit on and off for a few hours after that. The cake you see was a coffee and walnut cake. I followed a recipe but it didn't seem to rise as much as it should have. I was supposed to be able to cut it into about 4 slices with the butter cream icing in-between. It tasted lovely and looked ok. After having a slice and 1/2 I felt so guilty about eating all the butter and sugar I couldn't bring myself to eat anymore. Hubby had a slice but I said I wouldn't eat any more and he didn't want to eat all the rest so today I took it over the field for either the foxes or the birds. I hate waste and still can't believe I threw it away but I couldn't get the amount of calories it had in it. I won't make that mistake again, such a terrible waste, I just hope some animals or birds finished it off. I'm having a go at the 5:2 diet, not really to loose weight, but it would be good if I dropped a pound or 2, but for the health benefits. I must say it's a bit difficult on a fast day only eating 500 calories. Today I'm on a fast day & I'm drinking a lot of fizzy water to fill me up, something I would never ever drink under normal circumstances as I hate fizzy drinks. I didn't seem to get much food today for the calories so I've already worked out what I'll have next time and it includes a lot of lettuce and tomatoes which I love anyway. I'm going to sign off now for my last little drink of tea for the day, Linda x

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