Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Monday, 25 February 2013

Away last Friday and Saturday

Hi all. Last Friday I took mum away as it was part of her crimbo pressie. The idea was to stop and have a cuppa about half way and before we left home I made 2 flasks. We pulled in to some services just outside Warwick and I went to make the tea only to find I hadn't packed any teabags, what a dipstick I am. We were staying at the Premier Inn at Warwick but decided to go to Stratford Upon Avon for a look round. I can't even begin to tell you how cold it was. Mum and I did the tour bus trip for an hour, it was nice but freezing. We had dinner in the evening and managed to get warm in the P Inn. After breakfast on the Saturday morning we went to Oxford, one of my favourite places. We parked in a car park, one of the most expensive I've ever been in at £3.90 an hour. We got mum some postcards and moved the car. We decided to go into Oxford again so we followed a bus to the park and ride then headed back. You paid £1.70 in the car park then it was £2.40 on the bus, cheap at half the price. We did the tour bus here too as hubby and I haven't done that even though we visit Oxford quite often. Again nice but sooooooo cold. I love everything about Oxford, love the architecture and just the general buzz. I don't think mum was very impressed with either but then it was so cold and the flowers weren't out so it does make a difference in the summer.We had a pizza and pasta in the pizza hut in Oxford then left for home in the afternoon. We now have yet more fridge magnets. During our visit to both places it snowed, but just a tiny bit. Poppy was very happy when mummy got home. Hubby said she didn't eat and was looking out the windows for me, bless. Just a few pictures of the visit, Linda

Thursday, 21 February 2013

fire and smoke

Hi all. I wasn't working today but needed to go to Farncombe. I parked the car then saw a great deal of fire and police activity. It turns out a house had caught fire and there was a suggestion that gas canisters may cause an explosion. There must have been about 4 or more fire engines, fire cars and police cars. There were a lot of road closures around the side roads close to the house. After I had done what I was doing I left the place PDQ. I do hope no one was injured. It's been really cold here and as I write this I've got my long johns on under my fluffy joggers. When the girls and I went over the field Poppy had her coat on which she has grown into and doesn't mind wearing a bit. Off for a cuppa in a minute, Linda x

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Just done something good

Hi all. It's been quite cold today but nice and cosy and warm in the car. I have just signed up for organ donation apart from 2 things which I won't mention on here. I toyed with the idea a couple of years back and may have even signed before but I don't carry a card so I've signed again and they will update my records if I did sign previously. Are there anymore of you out there thinking about it ? Have a read of the website and see what you think. I went over the field today and there wasn't a crumb to be found of my cake so hopefully it doesn't seem like it went to waste, thank goodness for that, I still cant believe I threw it away. I feel a bit sick at the moment as I've just eaten some chocolate, such a pig, oh well life is too short, mind you I don't want to be donating just yet, Linda x

Monday, 18 February 2013


Hi all. Got up this morning and found out there was no water as there had been a burst water-main with Thames Water but there was enough for a cuppa, very important. I thought I'd have to go to my new pupil with a cap on but about 9am the water came back. Rushed upstairs to wash my hair and fill the water jug and kettle. Saw the new pupil as if nothing had happened. The water was a bit on and off for a few hours after that. The cake you see was a coffee and walnut cake. I followed a recipe but it didn't seem to rise as much as it should have. I was supposed to be able to cut it into about 4 slices with the butter cream icing in-between. It tasted lovely and looked ok. After having a slice and 1/2 I felt so guilty about eating all the butter and sugar I couldn't bring myself to eat anymore. Hubby had a slice but I said I wouldn't eat any more and he didn't want to eat all the rest so today I took it over the field for either the foxes or the birds. I hate waste and still can't believe I threw it away but I couldn't get the amount of calories it had in it. I won't make that mistake again, such a terrible waste, I just hope some animals or birds finished it off. I'm having a go at the 5:2 diet, not really to loose weight, but it would be good if I dropped a pound or 2, but for the health benefits. I must say it's a bit difficult on a fast day only eating 500 calories. Today I'm on a fast day & I'm drinking a lot of fizzy water to fill me up, something I would never ever drink under normal circumstances as I hate fizzy drinks. I didn't seem to get much food today for the calories so I've already worked out what I'll have next time and it includes a lot of lettuce and tomatoes which I love anyway. I'm going to sign off now for my last little drink of tea for the day, Linda x

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Thanks mum

Hi all, it's been an expensive day for mum. A lady at mums was selling a sofa and chair and mum looked at it and said how nice it was. Hubby and I went to see it and liked it as it will be great for the summerhouse. Mum said she would treat us. The lady selling is going back to the Philippines and is selling all her things and wanted it to go asap. The chap who moved mum 2 yrs ago still does moving so we phoned him for a quote, which was a good price and he moved it today, so sofa and chair all in their new surroundings in the summerhouse. Thanks mum. More expense to come. Mum treated us to lunch at Secretts and she also spent about £24 in bird food. It's been a nice day today as I've just come back from the field with the girls although they are filthy again, nothing the hosepipe and some water can't put right though, Linda x

Friday, 15 February 2013


Hi all. I was due to have 2 lessons today so I went to pick up my first pupil and she wasn't there, she'd written it down for an hour later. I was just getting ready to leave the house for my 3pm and I received a phone call saying he had to cancel as he was stuck at work. I took the time to have a nosy around a supermarket and hunt for bargains and pleased to say I got a couple. Took the girls over the field today as we had some much welcome sunshine and they both got filthy so had a quick hose down when we got home. Signing off now as I've just made a cuppa, Linda x

Monday, 11 February 2013

heavy rain, lots of spray

heavy snow

Rain and snow

Hi all. Went to Bournemouth yesterday and drove down in horrendous rain with little or no vision due to the spray and today I drove back in a snowstorm, talk about ideal weather conditions. It was a little break that was part of hubbies crimbo pressie. Yesterday we walked for 2 hrs 10 mins along the beach in the pouring rain but we were well dressed for it in our wet weather gear and it wasn't cold and we both enjoyed our walk. Today we went to the town and we were so cold we had to go back to the car and get an extra layer each to put on as well as getting hats and gloves. It really started to snow hard so we made the decision to leave about 1.40pm to set off home just incase we got snowed in. The snow was really heavy for a while then we had rain, then for a time just normal driving. It made a change and mum was doggy sitting but Poppy never ate anything yesterday apart from a couple of treats and didn't eat until I cooked a bit of fish for them both about 17.30. Poppy is all settled again now and mum has handed back the reins to me Linda x

Thursday, 7 February 2013


Hi all. I must say how cold it's turned again, just when I thought it was safe to go out. I've just taken the rubbish out ready for collection tomorrow and it seemed to be snowing or sleeting a bit, I hope we don't get all that starting up again. The field is better now as I don't have to hose the girls down just their feet. The other day when on a lesson with a pupil we got caught up in a big traffic jam only to find a transporter lorry had got stuck under a bridge and one of his 2 Jags had come off the back and fallen onto the road. There was a policeman taking pictures otherwise I would have done the same as we drove passed but I didn't want to risk being in his picture then being prosecuted. Saffy has been wearing socks again for a while as she won't leave her feet alone and this evening I thought I'd let a bit of fresh air get to them and blow me down she makes her leg bleed.Hubby bought her some rubber boot type things to put over her socks when she goes in the garden to keep her socks dry but they took a bit of getting used to, they are a bit like small balloons.I got some new glasses for crimbo but when I first took them away I knew something was wrong but I said I take them and play. 2 weeks later and still not getting on with them I went back to the opticians and in the end they had to change the lenses, now they are fine. I got another pair of varifocals, good for driving and reading. Hubby ordered me some new contacts so should be picking them up on Saturday. Eyes all sorted again after a change of prescription. Not been a bad week for lessons this week as I have about 4 on test soon who wanted a few more lessons. Hubby and I will be away for a night soon so mum will be doggy sitting. Ok peeps it's 20.18 and I'm off to make a cuppa. Take care, Linda x

Friday, 1 February 2013


Hi all, bad day for funerals. Today a neighbour had his funeral, a lady where my mum lives had her funeral today and an aunt of mine is having her funeral on Monday, so many in the course of 3 days. Funerals apart I was quite busy. I had a new customer, nice chap and he has been driving for some years and I was surprised how well he did. Usually when someone tells me they've been driving for years they are awful and it's a bit of a nightmare, so it made a nice change. I think he'll be able to apply for his test sooner rather than later. This morning it started raining but as the day drew on the sun came out :) Poppy head butted me in the eye this afternoon but thankfully I don't have a black eye, Linda x