Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Saffy update

Saffy went into the doggy docs at 8.30 this morning and was going straight under the knife. She had 5 X-rays, ultrasound, 2 lumps removed, another small lump cauterised, claws cut and she needs one more blood test to really give the final answer on heart disease. Poor soul, she's wearing one of those lampshade things and she's bumping into things all over the place but she will have to wear it as she chews herself quite a lot and that's why she had lumps removed in the first place. She had a cyst which was healing then she burst it. On her side she has stitches inside and outside and the ones on the outside will probably come out in 14 days time. On Thursday back to the doggy docs for a check up. As there was nothing too much found, just slight valve damage in the heart she seems to have a few more years left to go. With the last blood test that will tell us if she needs heart meds to not. On the whole good news but very expensive. I would like to thank mum for funding this bill today and we are hoping to get some money back on insurance. Saffy is pretty bright at the moment and she has had some food and water. Hubby is going to stay downstairs with her tonight,Linda x

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