Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

stitches out

Hello anyone, Poppy is fine and dandy and enjoying all her running around again after her op. Saffy got the all clear on the blood test regarding heart disease and yesterday she had both lots of stitches out. Saffy had 2 lots of stitches, on her side and on her leg. She was shaved quite a bit elsewhere as she had probes on her for her heart. As Saffy chews her feet she had to wear the lampshade all the time except when going in the garden or when eating. We did leave it off for a very short time but she always went to lick her side and the stitches, so now it's such a relief for her. Today she went out for the first time in about 2 weeks and enjoyed herself over the field. I haven't been writing the blog as I've been quite busy at work and been looking after the girls. It was hubbies birthday on Saturday and we went to Birdworld near Farnham. We were lucky with the weather as the sun was out most of the time but it wasn't too hot. The next day, Sunday we had rain, thunder and lightning, what a difference. I've been busy watching the Olympics mostly the tennis and swimming. I'm enjoying it, have to try and find out when the tennis finals are on so I can have a bit of time off to watch. I think the weather is changing again, back to rain. Hubby bought me a couple of plants that I need to get put in the ground so hopefully I'll do that on the weekend, Linda x

Friday, 20 July 2012

update on Saffron

Hi there, Saffron had her last blood test yesterday and we should have the result by Tuesday and this will tell us if she needs medication for her heart or not, fingers crossed all ok. Poppy went out for a nice walk yesterday, the first one since her op where she was free to do her thing and she did. Earlier today the Olympic torch came through Guildford, didn't see it in the flesh but saw it on the tv. Work has picked up and I'm quite busy now, lovely. I'll be doing a couple of hours tomorrow but I don't mind after being so quiet for so long, Linda x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Saffy update

Saffy went into the doggy docs at 8.30 this morning and was going straight under the knife. She had 5 X-rays, ultrasound, 2 lumps removed, another small lump cauterised, claws cut and she needs one more blood test to really give the final answer on heart disease. Poor soul, she's wearing one of those lampshade things and she's bumping into things all over the place but she will have to wear it as she chews herself quite a lot and that's why she had lumps removed in the first place. She had a cyst which was healing then she burst it. On her side she has stitches inside and outside and the ones on the outside will probably come out in 14 days time. On Thursday back to the doggy docs for a check up. As there was nothing too much found, just slight valve damage in the heart she seems to have a few more years left to go. With the last blood test that will tell us if she needs heart meds to not. On the whole good news but very expensive. I would like to thank mum for funding this bill today and we are hoping to get some money back on insurance. Saffy is pretty bright at the moment and she has had some food and water. Hubby is going to stay downstairs with her tonight,Linda x

Monday, 16 July 2012


Saffy went to the doggy docs this evening and had a check up and a blood test done. In the morning Saffy and I are back down there and the vet will discuss the results of the blood test and keep Saffy in. She will have a barage of tests as he thinks it is her heart. She'll have X-rays of chest and lungs and if they find anything sinister won't do much else. If there is fluid on her chest or lungs they will drain it. She will have a cyst removed if everything is ok. The outcome really comes down to them finding anything. If she does have a heart problem it can be managed, not cured. If anything like cancer is found they won't remove the lump as it won't be worth it in the long run. The vet hopes to find a slight problem with her heart then he knows it can be treated anything much else will probably be left alone, fingers crossed for tomorrow. I'm quite busy tomorrow so won't have to worry all day. Let you know how it goes, Linda x


Hi all, Poppy is doing really well and Thursday will be the first time she can go out and be let off the lead, she will really enjoy that. On a different note, Saffy was unwell yesterday and we took her to an emergency vet and he said she may be in heart failure. She was in a bit of a state in the morning and early afternoon but later she picked up and had food and looked so much better. This morning she's had her breaky and looks good. The vet we want to see isn't on until tonight so she'll be going down to see him then. As she's picked up so well I think she'll be ok until then. When Poppy was spayed hubby slept downstairs so I took my turn with Saffy last night, the only thing was she's been given water tablets so I didn't get much sleep last night as I kept letting her in the garden, might be a case for an early night tonight me thinks. Raining again here, just for a change. I'll post after the vets visit tonight,Linda x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Poppy doing very well

Hello anyone, just to let you know Poppy is doing very well. She was up and about the day after her op but she still isn't too happy about going in the garden on a lead, not going out for walks and being carried up and downstairs. She is eating better and when I leave the room to go upstairs she really tries hard to open the doors and come up with me. I'm upstairs now and I've found the easiest thing to do is just bring her up with me. I'm going to take her to the vet on Friday for a check up and see when she can go in the garden on her own and go upstairs without me worrying about her stitches. Rain stopped play at Wimbledon today so not too much tennis going on, linda x