Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Hi all, very painful yesterday regards to toothache and I noticed I was looking a bit like a chipmunk with a slightly swollen face. Later in the afternoon developed a very funny taste in my mouth but rinsed a bit more with the salt water, didn't take the taste away though. This morning I phoned the dentist up and mentioned the funny tastes and was told it's ok. I went online ( as you do ) and found out this is quite normal after tooth extraction. Face a bit puffy still and the taste just as bad, yuk. Felt a bit better in myself and managed to get the girls out in-between the showers and I went to tesco to get some nurofen tablets as I was worried about taking too many solpadeine. Hopefully might manage a pain free evening. Just trying to re-arrange my lessons for next week. The sun is out lovely here and has been for about an hour now, don't think it will last though as the sky is a bit black. Wanted to do a car boot with mum on Sunday but the weather forecast don't look good so probably won't bother. Anyway I'll sign off now as hubby is home so will go and make a cuppa, Linda x

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