Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

tooth extraction

Hi all, well the tooth is no more. Went to the dentist and after taking a look at it he said there wasn't much he could do as there wasn't much left. As it was a back tooth I said I was happy for it to come out and he agreed. To try and save it may have cost nearly £800.00 as root work would have been involved but the extraction cost £155.00 so a huge difference there then. After being well numbed up he set to work. The deed was painless but it was all the cracking noises that puts you off. Job done I went home and after an hour the pack came out and thats when I took some painkillers and put a new pack in. When everything wore off the pain really hit and it was like a really bad toothache, not nice at all. I've tried various tablets but I think the best are soluble solpadeine. Had 2 tins of tomato soup all day so I'm a bit hungry. Earlier I wanted something as I felt a bit iffy so I had a luke warm coffee drinking it from a spoon as I was still numb, what a performance. Anyway should be ok in a day or 2 and can't wait for something decent to eat. We actually had some sunshine after the initial rain this morning, made quite a change.Linda x

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