Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 27 April 2012

More news about my mouth

Hi all, well more to report today. I went online again last night after I'd had a good look at the old tooth site and found there was no blood clot ( there is supposed to be ) but it looked like a big hole through to the bone, anyway I got hubby to take a look too. We shone a torch onto a mirror that's used for dentists and he said it looked a bit green around the edges. On various sites when you get the bad taste and bad breath it usually means that the clot didn't form, that's what seals the hole and starts the healing process but when this doesn't happen it's called "dry socket". Usual signs are pain, bad breath and bad taste. I phoned the dentist again this morning after another painful night and the receptionist said come in and he would see me. I had to take my car in for a service at 9.30 then off to the dentist I trotted. Anyway he took a look and said it was infected and I was unlucky and he has packed it with some cotton wool soaked in oil of cloves, yuk, tastes foul. I said to him this is what's put around a house when you have puppies to stop them from chewing things and I'm not too keen with it in my mouth. He said I'd need to do it for about 5 days changing the cotton wool every 24hrs unless it drops out before hand. He's given me a bottle of oil of cloves, some more cotton wool balls and a pair of tweezers as I said between hubby and myself we will be able to sort it out rather than go back to the dentist every day or 2. Just had a sip of lukewarm coffee and the lovely flavour of cloves comes through,yuk. I've decided not to drink tea for the time this is happening as I can't ruin my lovely cuppa. Been raining for most of the day here but at the moment the sun is out, hurra. Hubby and I went shopping today so hopefully won't have to do much tomorrow,cheers Linda x

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