Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 14 April 2012

the girls

Hi all. Been a bit worried about Saffy as she's lost weight and I was worried about how much water she was drinking and the lump thats getting bigger. We took her to the vets Thursday and he did a fine needle aspiration, the lump is nothing to worry about. He did a blood test, all ok there so now I'm having to monitor the water she drinks by measuring it when I put it down and I'll let him know Monday the magic numbers, then we'll go from there. I had to take a urine sample to the vets, that was quite comical as Saffy squats really low so I just put the container thing underneath and moved it around a bit hoping to get something in it. Just in come in from the field with the girls and Poppy had managed to roll in something unpleasant so a quick bath was called for. Dogs, can't you just wish they were perfect, like that's ever going to happen. I had a pupil pass 1st time yesterday but she was worried by the date, Fri 13th. when she passed she now thinks it might not be such a bad day after all. The sun's out at the moment, grass way too wet to cut though. Just going to get my 3rd wash of the day going then going to have a cuppa. I bought myself a hula hoop so hoping to tone up a bit. Bye for now, I hope you all have a lovely weekend, Linda x

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