Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Monday, 30 April 2012

Back to work today

Hi all, had to take a couple more tablets last night but today no toothache but I do have a headache. Went back to work today and only had 2 lessons but the first was 5.40 and the next 7pm, not complaining though, work is work. Hubby renewed my membership thing at the sports centre today so that means it's back to swimming for me. It cost £26 for the year membership thing and then I only have to pay £2.80 at certain times for swimming instead of over £4. I actually had 2 slices of toast one in the morning and one later on and it's really the first crispy things I've eaten since last tuesday, I did have a tin of soup as well though. Tomorrow evening I can take the cotton wool plug out and leave it out as that's 5 days, have to see what happens then as the socket is still open and if you look into it you can still see the bone. Did 15 mins of hooping today but finding it difficult going around in a circle while hooping, have to take a look on youtube again. Anyway off for a cuppa and a couple of tablets for my headache, Linda x

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