Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Monday, 30 April 2012

Back to work today

Hi all, had to take a couple more tablets last night but today no toothache but I do have a headache. Went back to work today and only had 2 lessons but the first was 5.40 and the next 7pm, not complaining though, work is work. Hubby renewed my membership thing at the sports centre today so that means it's back to swimming for me. It cost £26 for the year membership thing and then I only have to pay £2.80 at certain times for swimming instead of over £4. I actually had 2 slices of toast one in the morning and one later on and it's really the first crispy things I've eaten since last tuesday, I did have a tin of soup as well though. Tomorrow evening I can take the cotton wool plug out and leave it out as that's 5 days, have to see what happens then as the socket is still open and if you look into it you can still see the bone. Did 15 mins of hooping today but finding it difficult going around in a circle while hooping, have to take a look on youtube again. Anyway off for a cuppa and a couple of tablets for my headache, Linda x

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Better today

Hi all. I wanted to remove the cotton wool plug from my tooth but I couldn't manage it so I called for help. I was really worried that hubby would stab me in the gum or some such silly nonsense but he was as good as chocolate. He took the plug out, I soaked the new one with oil of cloves and he put the new one in, no worries. The old one was all yucky and smelly. Also now as the hole is plugged I had my first proper food today, as I've only been eating soup since tuesday. I had a jacket potato with beans and coleslaw, lovely. I'm really missing my tea so will go and get some tomorrow. I can eat and drink without the taste of the clove oil. If I put my tongue on the cotton wool then I get the taste. It's been raining all day here and I believe the same is forecast for tomorrow. I took 2 painkillers this morning but I doubt I'll be taking any more now. If anyone is going to have a tooth removed be very careful to get the clot in place. If you can see bone when looking into the extraction site I'd get back to the dentist pronto, don't wait as long as I did and get all the damn pain, Linda x

Friday, 27 April 2012

More news about my mouth

Hi all, well more to report today. I went online again last night after I'd had a good look at the old tooth site and found there was no blood clot ( there is supposed to be ) but it looked like a big hole through to the bone, anyway I got hubby to take a look too. We shone a torch onto a mirror that's used for dentists and he said it looked a bit green around the edges. On various sites when you get the bad taste and bad breath it usually means that the clot didn't form, that's what seals the hole and starts the healing process but when this doesn't happen it's called "dry socket". Usual signs are pain, bad breath and bad taste. I phoned the dentist again this morning after another painful night and the receptionist said come in and he would see me. I had to take my car in for a service at 9.30 then off to the dentist I trotted. Anyway he took a look and said it was infected and I was unlucky and he has packed it with some cotton wool soaked in oil of cloves, yuk, tastes foul. I said to him this is what's put around a house when you have puppies to stop them from chewing things and I'm not too keen with it in my mouth. He said I'd need to do it for about 5 days changing the cotton wool every 24hrs unless it drops out before hand. He's given me a bottle of oil of cloves, some more cotton wool balls and a pair of tweezers as I said between hubby and myself we will be able to sort it out rather than go back to the dentist every day or 2. Just had a sip of lukewarm coffee and the lovely flavour of cloves comes through,yuk. I've decided not to drink tea for the time this is happening as I can't ruin my lovely cuppa. Been raining for most of the day here but at the moment the sun is out, hurra. Hubby and I went shopping today so hopefully won't have to do much tomorrow,cheers Linda x

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Hi all, very painful yesterday regards to toothache and I noticed I was looking a bit like a chipmunk with a slightly swollen face. Later in the afternoon developed a very funny taste in my mouth but rinsed a bit more with the salt water, didn't take the taste away though. This morning I phoned the dentist up and mentioned the funny tastes and was told it's ok. I went online ( as you do ) and found out this is quite normal after tooth extraction. Face a bit puffy still and the taste just as bad, yuk. Felt a bit better in myself and managed to get the girls out in-between the showers and I went to tesco to get some nurofen tablets as I was worried about taking too many solpadeine. Hopefully might manage a pain free evening. Just trying to re-arrange my lessons for next week. The sun is out lovely here and has been for about an hour now, don't think it will last though as the sky is a bit black. Wanted to do a car boot with mum on Sunday but the weather forecast don't look good so probably won't bother. Anyway I'll sign off now as hubby is home so will go and make a cuppa, Linda x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

tooth extraction

Hi all, well the tooth is no more. Went to the dentist and after taking a look at it he said there wasn't much he could do as there wasn't much left. As it was a back tooth I said I was happy for it to come out and he agreed. To try and save it may have cost nearly £800.00 as root work would have been involved but the extraction cost £155.00 so a huge difference there then. After being well numbed up he set to work. The deed was painless but it was all the cracking noises that puts you off. Job done I went home and after an hour the pack came out and thats when I took some painkillers and put a new pack in. When everything wore off the pain really hit and it was like a really bad toothache, not nice at all. I've tried various tablets but I think the best are soluble solpadeine. Had 2 tins of tomato soup all day so I'm a bit hungry. Earlier I wanted something as I felt a bit iffy so I had a luke warm coffee drinking it from a spoon as I was still numb, what a performance. Anyway should be ok in a day or 2 and can't wait for something decent to eat. We actually had some sunshine after the initial rain this morning, made quite a change.Linda x

Monday, 23 April 2012


Hi all. I had a 2 hour lesson this morning and my tooth managed to fall to pieces. Have been taking tablets for the pain and I've got an appointment at the dentist at 9.15 in the morning. Not sure what will happen as there is only a small bit of the side of the tooth there, the rest has gone and it just feels like a hole. Not sure if I mentioned what happened about Saffy. She got the all clear on her tests, urine and blood so now I've got to feed her up a bit and she will go back in 2 weeks time for another weigh in. Saffy is loving having extra food, but she would eat as much as you put in her bowl all day, every day, she is quite greedy. It's been raining all day from about 9.10 this morning. Signing off now, love to all in blogland, Linda x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fed up now

Hi all. Poppy has been a bit of a pain this week as twice she rolled in fox poo and smelt awful. I had to bath her and one day I was in a bit of a rush to get out, never mind could always be worse. Today it poured as it has done just about every day since the hosepipe ban was announced. I did 10 mins of hooping, great for the waist but a short while ago I was having a sesame snack and I've broken a big back tooth, not happy now. I will have to visit the dentist for a repair job. I hope it can be filled as I definitely won't be having a crown put in there, worse case I'll have it out.Off for a nice fluffy bath while listening to the radio to try and cheer up, Linda x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

zumba class

Hi all. I went to a zumba class this evening but I was disappointed. It was supposed to be for beginners, that's me but when the class started she just went straight into a routine. She didn't ask any questions about new people or fitness. The class was fast paced and I had to stop at one point as I was worried about my back.I'd like to go to another class, not there again so I'll take a look round. I've been doing my new hula hoop, it's big and hopefully get fit with that. I'm going to have a look on utube and look at zumba on there, Linda x

Saturday, 14 April 2012

the girls

Hi all. Been a bit worried about Saffy as she's lost weight and I was worried about how much water she was drinking and the lump thats getting bigger. We took her to the vets Thursday and he did a fine needle aspiration, the lump is nothing to worry about. He did a blood test, all ok there so now I'm having to monitor the water she drinks by measuring it when I put it down and I'll let him know Monday the magic numbers, then we'll go from there. I had to take a urine sample to the vets, that was quite comical as Saffy squats really low so I just put the container thing underneath and moved it around a bit hoping to get something in it. Just in come in from the field with the girls and Poppy had managed to roll in something unpleasant so a quick bath was called for. Dogs, can't you just wish they were perfect, like that's ever going to happen. I had a pupil pass 1st time yesterday but she was worried by the date, Fri 13th. when she passed she now thinks it might not be such a bad day after all. The sun's out at the moment, grass way too wet to cut though. Just going to get my 3rd wash of the day going then going to have a cuppa. I bought myself a hula hoop so hoping to tone up a bit. Bye for now, I hope you all have a lovely weekend, Linda x