Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Monday, 13 February 2012

Bad day Saturday

Hi all. Woke up on Saturday and felt really bad, so tired and just not right. I'd had about 3 really bad nights sleep prior to that waking up every hour and it all caught up with me on the Saturday. I had a cholesterol test at Sainsbury's that they were advertising and that came out at 6 which is a bit high and my good chol was about 1.44 so that needs to come up a bit. Came home after buying a couple of bits, almonds and walnuts as they are supposed to help.Bought a couple of lovely looking brown crispy rolls and came home and had one, lovely. I hadn't got 1/2 way through the roll when I crunched on something hard, I thought I hope I haven't damaged a tooth, I thought I'd crunched on a big seed or something. Anyway fished this hard bit out and it was part of a tooth, my heart sunk. After finishing the mouthful I found out which it was. It was the 4th one along from the front just in line to be seen when smiling and there was no tooth but all you could see was the black filling. No pain, thankfully, so I left a message at the dentists and this morning I got a call from them saying they could see me at 12.30. I had a crown done, it looks fab but it cost £400, I couldn't afford to pay but mum came to the rescue, THANK YOU MUM. All happy in the teeth department again. Last night another bad night. I went to bed about 1.30 as I thought I'll leave it late but I was still awake at 3.30, then nodded off and awake again about 5 then 7 and so on. It's now 22.40 so I might go to bed and read, can't go to sleep yet. No work tomorrow but I hear the housework calling me, I wish I had a housework fairy :)
I had a nice pupil of mine pass first time on Friday, well done her. Linda x

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