Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday 26th Feb

Hi all. Mum and I had an overnight stay in Poole, Dorset on Friday night as we wanted to see something in Swanage. We arrived and booked into our Permier Inn room and went off to Swanage, saw what we wanted to then had a little stroll around the town. Headed back to hotel as we had dinner booked for 6pm. After eating it was off to our room for a nice relax. We both had a bad nights sleep but after breaky on the Saturday we headed into old town Poole by the quay and saw some fab boats and walked along the waters front. After a short time there we headed to the New Forest so we could have a cuppa and see if we could fine any horses. We stopped by the side of the motorway and had a drink and a bite to eat, just a lay by as we couldn't see a sign that said " new forest , ponies pull in here" if you get my drift, so after our cuppa we headed off again and saw a sign for something so we pulled off the motorway and after a short time we came across the 4 horses as seen in the picture. We arrived home between 4.30 and 5pm and I got home in time to take the girls out as hubby hadn't done so. All unpacked and ready to get back to normal. We both enjoyed our time away but I think hubby struggled with the girls. Today the weather was fab so I took the girls on a longer walk and came back and did a spot of gardening. Linda x

Monday, 20 February 2012

Shut Poppy out

Hi all. The other day I'd taken the girls out and when we came back I hung the leads up and then got on with some housework. I reckon I'd been hovering and doing things for just over an hour and I'd come downstairs to hover the hall and stairs and as I was trying to plug the machine in I heard some heavy sniffing by the front door. I opened it up and there was Poppy, I couldn't believe she'd been out there without barking or letting me know where she was as she is very vocal usually. The set up we have front door wise is, an outer glass door and then we have a wooden front door that leads into the hall. The space in-between is where we put the wellies and dog leads and where the post is dropped. It's only about 3 or 4 of feet wide, so poor old Poppy must have wondered what was happening. When I let her back in she got a treat and seemed to stay close to me for a couple of hours, but she's fine now, ahh bless. The other day I made myself a pizza and it was lovely but about 4am I felt really unwell and lay in bed until a very abrupt trip to the loo at 5.05am where I was promptly very sick and then had to worry about the other end, sorry if there's too much info happening there. Felt pretty bad for the rest of the day. I'd love to know what upset me though as I've got no idea what it could have been. Hope all is well in blogland for everyone out there,Linda x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Bad day Saturday

Hi all. Woke up on Saturday and felt really bad, so tired and just not right. I'd had about 3 really bad nights sleep prior to that waking up every hour and it all caught up with me on the Saturday. I had a cholesterol test at Sainsbury's that they were advertising and that came out at 6 which is a bit high and my good chol was about 1.44 so that needs to come up a bit. Came home after buying a couple of bits, almonds and walnuts as they are supposed to help.Bought a couple of lovely looking brown crispy rolls and came home and had one, lovely. I hadn't got 1/2 way through the roll when I crunched on something hard, I thought I hope I haven't damaged a tooth, I thought I'd crunched on a big seed or something. Anyway fished this hard bit out and it was part of a tooth, my heart sunk. After finishing the mouthful I found out which it was. It was the 4th one along from the front just in line to be seen when smiling and there was no tooth but all you could see was the black filling. No pain, thankfully, so I left a message at the dentists and this morning I got a call from them saying they could see me at 12.30. I had a crown done, it looks fab but it cost £400, I couldn't afford to pay but mum came to the rescue, THANK YOU MUM. All happy in the teeth department again. Last night another bad night. I went to bed about 1.30 as I thought I'll leave it late but I was still awake at 3.30, then nodded off and awake again about 5 then 7 and so on. It's now 22.40 so I might go to bed and read, can't go to sleep yet. No work tomorrow but I hear the housework calling me, I wish I had a housework fairy :)
I had a nice pupil of mine pass first time on Friday, well done her. Linda x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Lots of snow last night

Hi all, lots of snow from last night and I've added a couple of pictures. Had to cancel a lesson today as the pupil didn't fancy driving around in this weather plus she lives on a dodgy hilly road.I made some lip salve today and it seems ok. I thought I'd make some as I go through it like there's no tomorrow and I have to have some in the car, in jackets everywhere just incase I forget to put it in my pocket. I remember we were on holiday last year, Belgium I think and I didn't have a lip slave, after we'd done our tour hubby and I ran back to a supermarket to buy me a lip lipsalve as I'm can't be without the stuff. I've been using it for so many years now, terrible habit I know and I don't know how much goes on my lips and how much I eat. I took the girls over the field earlier and I thought I'd try Poppy with her coat on. Last year when we had snow we bought her a coat but it was way too big for her. It fits now and it didn't stop her running around like she normally does. I took some video on the phone but can't upload on here so I'll try and remember to take a couple of pictures of "the Pops" wearing her coat, cute. Bye for now, keep safe and keep warm,Linda

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bit more footage

now I've sussed how to add video, here's a bit more x


Hi all, it snowed last night from about 6pm until after midnight when I went to bed and this morning we had plenty of the white stuff. I took the girls over the field this morning and have taken some video of Poppy running around but I'm just to find out how to upload it to this blog, if I can find out I'll add it later. Hope everyone is fine and dandy and managing to keep warm, Linda x