Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hi all

Well another day and again I'm so tired. Yesterday was an in day apart from taking the girls out that is. Hubby put the new bathroom sink in and it proved to be a bigger job than he anticipated, but all is done now and it looks smart. We needed a new one as the old one had a couple of cracks in it. I was so tired yesterday that I took a sleepy type tablet, had a nice hot bath and went to bed early. I think I slept for about 3 hrs before the usual waking up. The thing when you take a tablet it usually means you drop off to sleep again quite quickly. Had a nice cup of tea in bed this morning from hubby and we decided we would go and see mum and go out for lunch. I took the girls out then off out to lunch at the local garden centre. They do very nice food and at good prices. I've just been doing a bit of reading but I'm so tired again I thought I must get up or I'll fall asleep, not good as I'll be awake all night if I do that. In a minute I'll get some ironing done, I wouldn't mind none of it's mine it's all hubbies shirts, mind you I do like ironing. I think I saw we have snow showers coming in the morning, wait to see how that goes, I'm not working so it's ok for me at the moment. Not much else to say really so I won't try and stretch any more out of this blog,Linda x

Friday, 27 January 2012

Meant to tell you

Hi all, meant to tell you about the leak we had a few days before Christmas. I came home after a couple of hours and went to the kitchen put kettle on did a couple of other things then went into the lounge only to find dripping coming from the ceiling. I rushed upstairs and found water coming out of the hot water tank, dripping down the side and going through the floor then through the ceiling. I put some towels around the tank, put a bowl in the lounge where the drip was and phoned hubby. Cutting a long story short when he came home he found the problem, bought a new whatever it was and fixed it. It took me about 3 days to wash and dry all the dogs bedding as the drips had gone into the dog basket then out onto the carpet. But we had to have the heating on 24hrs for a few days and the fire on overnight to help dry everything out. I knew I wouldn't sleep with the fire going so I stayed up all night downstairs reading and seeing if anything was on the tv, not much I must add even with tons of channels. I've put a couple of pictures of the wallpaper hanging down from the ceiling and the carpet raised to try and dry it out, All is fine now but we still haven't wallpapered the ceiling yet, Linda x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Saffy just got the beauty treatment

Hi all, time now 21.37 and I've just given Saffron a good brush and comb, checked her feet, trimmed her ears and had a good feel of her lumps and bumps just to see if they're getting any bigger or not, all ok for the minute. Today I watched Birdsong and I had a good cry. To see the trenches as they were was really awful. When we visited Ypres last year there was a mock up of how they were living but seeing it like that on the TV made it even worse. It brought back seeing the WW1 wargraves, it was such a waste of life and it was supposed to be the war to end all wars. Visiting the graves last year has had an effect on me I just can't explain it. Didn't work today and when I finally got round to taking the girls out it was raining and we all got a bit wet. Earlier I watched "pit bulls and parolees " another sad programme about rescuing pit bulls in USA. Not much else to say for today so I'll sign off, Linda x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

How long ago was this ???

Ok I can see it's been ages. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, yes I know it seems many moons ago now.
We all had a nice time over the holiday period. I said I would eat and not worry about it and I did. I threw the last of the biscuits out to the birds a couple of weeks ago and I'm back on the healthy eating. I'm also making smoothies and soups with the new blender hubby bought as part of my many pressies. I did very well in the present department I must say. Yesterday the soup was carrot and coriander and it was really very nice, got about one more bowl full for tomorrow. Next week I'll be having a go at tomato and basil. I've got back to the walking again and a few times I'll take Saffy over the field with Poppy and I then bring her back then Pops and I go out again. Just before crimbo my back and right hip were causing me such pain in the end I went to the docs and had an X-ray, all well with that but I'm having a bit of physio for my back.I'm doing the exercises and it does feel a whole lot better.Business not great at the moment but I'm still working and a lot of us here in Guildford are mostly in the same boat, unless they are telling a few porky pies. The other thing I'm now drinking is green tea, pretty evil stuff in my opinion but it's supposed to be good for you that's why I'll stick to it. Hubby, mum and the girls are all fine, touch wood at the moment. Anyway, hopefully I'll be back with a vengeance now I've started. I hope all is well with everyone, signing off, Linda x