Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 3 August 2012


Hi all, when I was out with Poppy yesterday I saw 2 deers and a snake over the fields, never seen a snake before but I was too slow with the camera and luckily Poppy wasn't close by when I was looking at it. I took both the girls out first then I brought Saffy home then Poppy and I went on a longer walk. I'm now going to get my fitness up as watching the Olympics has got me in the mood again and this morning I was in the swimming pool at 7.30 doing some lengths, I swam for 30 mins but will be aiming for the 50 mins again as time goes by. Managed to do some freestyle which I was very pleased with as I haven't been in the pool for a while. Saffy is coping very well with her walks and seems as good as new after her ops and tests. Watched so much tennis today and more for the next 2 days, I just love it. Must try and get some gardening done as I have a couple of plants to put in, Linda x

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

stitches out

Hello anyone, Poppy is fine and dandy and enjoying all her running around again after her op. Saffy got the all clear on the blood test regarding heart disease and yesterday she had both lots of stitches out. Saffy had 2 lots of stitches, on her side and on her leg. She was shaved quite a bit elsewhere as she had probes on her for her heart. As Saffy chews her feet she had to wear the lampshade all the time except when going in the garden or when eating. We did leave it off for a very short time but she always went to lick her side and the stitches, so now it's such a relief for her. Today she went out for the first time in about 2 weeks and enjoyed herself over the field. I haven't been writing the blog as I've been quite busy at work and been looking after the girls. It was hubbies birthday on Saturday and we went to Birdworld near Farnham. We were lucky with the weather as the sun was out most of the time but it wasn't too hot. The next day, Sunday we had rain, thunder and lightning, what a difference. I've been busy watching the Olympics mostly the tennis and swimming. I'm enjoying it, have to try and find out when the tennis finals are on so I can have a bit of time off to watch. I think the weather is changing again, back to rain. Hubby bought me a couple of plants that I need to get put in the ground so hopefully I'll do that on the weekend, Linda x

Friday, 20 July 2012

update on Saffron

Hi there, Saffron had her last blood test yesterday and we should have the result by Tuesday and this will tell us if she needs medication for her heart or not, fingers crossed all ok. Poppy went out for a nice walk yesterday, the first one since her op where she was free to do her thing and she did. Earlier today the Olympic torch came through Guildford, didn't see it in the flesh but saw it on the tv. Work has picked up and I'm quite busy now, lovely. I'll be doing a couple of hours tomorrow but I don't mind after being so quiet for so long, Linda x

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Saffy update

Saffy went into the doggy docs at 8.30 this morning and was going straight under the knife. She had 5 X-rays, ultrasound, 2 lumps removed, another small lump cauterised, claws cut and she needs one more blood test to really give the final answer on heart disease. Poor soul, she's wearing one of those lampshade things and she's bumping into things all over the place but she will have to wear it as she chews herself quite a lot and that's why she had lumps removed in the first place. She had a cyst which was healing then she burst it. On her side she has stitches inside and outside and the ones on the outside will probably come out in 14 days time. On Thursday back to the doggy docs for a check up. As there was nothing too much found, just slight valve damage in the heart she seems to have a few more years left to go. With the last blood test that will tell us if she needs heart meds to not. On the whole good news but very expensive. I would like to thank mum for funding this bill today and we are hoping to get some money back on insurance. Saffy is pretty bright at the moment and she has had some food and water. Hubby is going to stay downstairs with her tonight,Linda x

Monday, 16 July 2012


Saffy went to the doggy docs this evening and had a check up and a blood test done. In the morning Saffy and I are back down there and the vet will discuss the results of the blood test and keep Saffy in. She will have a barage of tests as he thinks it is her heart. She'll have X-rays of chest and lungs and if they find anything sinister won't do much else. If there is fluid on her chest or lungs they will drain it. She will have a cyst removed if everything is ok. The outcome really comes down to them finding anything. If she does have a heart problem it can be managed, not cured. If anything like cancer is found they won't remove the lump as it won't be worth it in the long run. The vet hopes to find a slight problem with her heart then he knows it can be treated anything much else will probably be left alone, fingers crossed for tomorrow. I'm quite busy tomorrow so won't have to worry all day. Let you know how it goes, Linda x


Hi all, Poppy is doing really well and Thursday will be the first time she can go out and be let off the lead, she will really enjoy that. On a different note, Saffy was unwell yesterday and we took her to an emergency vet and he said she may be in heart failure. She was in a bit of a state in the morning and early afternoon but later she picked up and had food and looked so much better. This morning she's had her breaky and looks good. The vet we want to see isn't on until tonight so she'll be going down to see him then. As she's picked up so well I think she'll be ok until then. When Poppy was spayed hubby slept downstairs so I took my turn with Saffy last night, the only thing was she's been given water tablets so I didn't get much sleep last night as I kept letting her in the garden, might be a case for an early night tonight me thinks. Raining again here, just for a change. I'll post after the vets visit tonight,Linda x

Monday, 2 July 2012

Poppy doing very well

Hello anyone, just to let you know Poppy is doing very well. She was up and about the day after her op but she still isn't too happy about going in the garden on a lead, not going out for walks and being carried up and downstairs. She is eating better and when I leave the room to go upstairs she really tries hard to open the doors and come up with me. I'm upstairs now and I've found the easiest thing to do is just bring her up with me. I'm going to take her to the vet on Friday for a check up and see when she can go in the garden on her own and go upstairs without me worrying about her stitches. Rain stopped play at Wimbledon today so not too much tennis going on, linda x

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Poppy and her operation

Hi all. The big gap is due to me being on holiday for 2 weeks and I've been busy at work, which is fab. Yesterday Poppy was spayed. The wound looks great, no oozing or blood and this morning she's had breaky and a drink and seems really cheerful in herself. No walks for a while and no racing around for at least 2 weeks or longer I should think, as you've seen how she runs around. I'll see if I can post some pictures soon, Linda x

Wednesday, 30 May 2012

time now 23.20 just back from badger watch

Hi all, been busy with badger watching and fox watching. Just added one picture of the badger will put couple more another day, Linda x

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

another warm day,poppy in the pool again

Went to a fair on Sunday that had steam tractors and other things, a nice day out as mum came too.

Thursday, 24 May 2012

visitors today

Hi all. Today I had mum and 2 of her friends over for lunch. It was a lovely day, too hot for me really but we had a nice lunch with ice cream and tin of fruit for desert with a lovely refreshing cuppa for after. We were able to sit in the summerhouse, and a nice day was had by all, Linda x

Monday, 21 May 2012

Friday, 18 May 2012

Poppy discovering the puddles over the field

Hi all, Poppy discovered the puddles over the field in her walk today, one of her favourite pastimes. No rain today, makes a change and it's quite warm, had to take my jacket off while out on my walk, Linda x

Thursday, 17 May 2012

A really short video clip of dolphins in Gibraltar

blink and you'll miss them. I do have a longer clip

Friday, 11 May 2012

A sunny day, hurra

Hi all. Well after weeks of rain today we finally had a whole day of sun. I have cut the grass and as the recycling was a day late I'll get rid of my cuttings too, that means they won't stay in the shed and smell for 2 weeks until the next collection. Hubby and I went shopping today, all exciting stuff, I know. Later I'm going out on fox watch. Think I'll sign off as there isn't much else to say except the fuel seems to have come down again and I paid £1.43 a litre for diesel in sainsburys, cheapest in Guildford ATM. Off to make a cup of tea. I believe the weekend should be sunny too, fingers x'd, Linda x

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Poppy and the pond

I hope this works. It's the video of Poppy last month that I couldn't manage to put on here, she really loves the water,Linda x

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Monday, 7 May 2012

Lovely flowers

Hi all, I think I mentioned a pupil passed her test 1st time last week, well on Saturday I had a lovely bouquet of flowers and chocolates delivered from her as a thank you. It doesn't happen very often but when it does it's a lovely surprise. I've been fox watching and as I've found out, people either hate them or love them. The other morning we actually had one come into the garden and it sent the girls mad. I was making toast at the time so I wondered what the noise was about. I was taking the girls out last night for their last walk and came across a den and I came home for my camera and there are 4 cubs in the den.I saw the vixen coming and going a couple of times, the cubs are adorable, sorry for all you anti fox people, I like them. The programme on channel 4 has a live den cam and the other night I didn't get to bed until 1.30 as I was watching the cubs playing and feeding. It's been raining on and off for most of the weekend, but there you go.I'm going out later to see if I can see the foxes again. On the pond I got a bit of footage of 2 canadian geese with their babies, very cute. My tooth seems a lot better now, no pain but I still have a hole there, still eating on the right hand side as well. It's funny because when I sneeze it really hurts the gum where my tooth was. Linda x

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Pain then relief

Hi all, I woke up at 4.20 this morning with a terrible throbbing face and had to go and take more tablets. I was that fed up I sent my dentist an email at 4.50 telling him of my woes. I went back to bed and managed to get a bit more sleep. I phoned the dentist after a reply asking when I could get back to see them. I had a 2 hr lessons changed to a 1 hr so I popped into the dentist and this time he packed it with something different. He said it was still yucky in the socket and the new packing will make it's own way out in a few days. It makes such a difference when the tooth is packed, it stops the pain almost immediately.Hopefully this is the end of the story. I was looking online again about dry socket and as long as the bone is exposed there will always be pain, so now I know. I had a pupil on test yesterday and I'm pleased to say she passed first time with only one driver fault, fab news. I text her today to say well done and she has already been out "flying solo" as she put it. Out of my last 5 pupils 4 have passed 1st time, now I just need to replace them as work is low again. Today I managed to cut my grass as it hadn't been done for 3 weeks, it looked so unruly and unkept, anyway it's tidier now but by no means perfect, not that I really do perfect anyway. Guess what, no rain at all today either. The other night I was woken up at 1.40am by a tremendous clap of thunder, it was so loud it must have been overhead, then we had lightening and it was pouring. I hope no one here is affected by the awful floods that have been shown on the net or in the news. Off now to let the girls out and I think the lack of sleep has caught up with me and I think I'll get the blanket on and go to bed, Linda x

Monday, 30 April 2012

Back to work today

Hi all, had to take a couple more tablets last night but today no toothache but I do have a headache. Went back to work today and only had 2 lessons but the first was 5.40 and the next 7pm, not complaining though, work is work. Hubby renewed my membership thing at the sports centre today so that means it's back to swimming for me. It cost £26 for the year membership thing and then I only have to pay £2.80 at certain times for swimming instead of over £4. I actually had 2 slices of toast one in the morning and one later on and it's really the first crispy things I've eaten since last tuesday, I did have a tin of soup as well though. Tomorrow evening I can take the cotton wool plug out and leave it out as that's 5 days, have to see what happens then as the socket is still open and if you look into it you can still see the bone. Did 15 mins of hooping today but finding it difficult going around in a circle while hooping, have to take a look on youtube again. Anyway off for a cuppa and a couple of tablets for my headache, Linda x

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Better today

Hi all. I wanted to remove the cotton wool plug from my tooth but I couldn't manage it so I called for help. I was really worried that hubby would stab me in the gum or some such silly nonsense but he was as good as chocolate. He took the plug out, I soaked the new one with oil of cloves and he put the new one in, no worries. The old one was all yucky and smelly. Also now as the hole is plugged I had my first proper food today, as I've only been eating soup since tuesday. I had a jacket potato with beans and coleslaw, lovely. I'm really missing my tea so will go and get some tomorrow. I can eat and drink without the taste of the clove oil. If I put my tongue on the cotton wool then I get the taste. It's been raining all day here and I believe the same is forecast for tomorrow. I took 2 painkillers this morning but I doubt I'll be taking any more now. If anyone is going to have a tooth removed be very careful to get the clot in place. If you can see bone when looking into the extraction site I'd get back to the dentist pronto, don't wait as long as I did and get all the damn pain, Linda x

Friday, 27 April 2012

More news about my mouth

Hi all, well more to report today. I went online again last night after I'd had a good look at the old tooth site and found there was no blood clot ( there is supposed to be ) but it looked like a big hole through to the bone, anyway I got hubby to take a look too. We shone a torch onto a mirror that's used for dentists and he said it looked a bit green around the edges. On various sites when you get the bad taste and bad breath it usually means that the clot didn't form, that's what seals the hole and starts the healing process but when this doesn't happen it's called "dry socket". Usual signs are pain, bad breath and bad taste. I phoned the dentist again this morning after another painful night and the receptionist said come in and he would see me. I had to take my car in for a service at 9.30 then off to the dentist I trotted. Anyway he took a look and said it was infected and I was unlucky and he has packed it with some cotton wool soaked in oil of cloves, yuk, tastes foul. I said to him this is what's put around a house when you have puppies to stop them from chewing things and I'm not too keen with it in my mouth. He said I'd need to do it for about 5 days changing the cotton wool every 24hrs unless it drops out before hand. He's given me a bottle of oil of cloves, some more cotton wool balls and a pair of tweezers as I said between hubby and myself we will be able to sort it out rather than go back to the dentist every day or 2. Just had a sip of lukewarm coffee and the lovely flavour of cloves comes through,yuk. I've decided not to drink tea for the time this is happening as I can't ruin my lovely cuppa. Been raining for most of the day here but at the moment the sun is out, hurra. Hubby and I went shopping today so hopefully won't have to do much tomorrow,cheers Linda x

Thursday, 26 April 2012


Hi all, very painful yesterday regards to toothache and I noticed I was looking a bit like a chipmunk with a slightly swollen face. Later in the afternoon developed a very funny taste in my mouth but rinsed a bit more with the salt water, didn't take the taste away though. This morning I phoned the dentist up and mentioned the funny tastes and was told it's ok. I went online ( as you do ) and found out this is quite normal after tooth extraction. Face a bit puffy still and the taste just as bad, yuk. Felt a bit better in myself and managed to get the girls out in-between the showers and I went to tesco to get some nurofen tablets as I was worried about taking too many solpadeine. Hopefully might manage a pain free evening. Just trying to re-arrange my lessons for next week. The sun is out lovely here and has been for about an hour now, don't think it will last though as the sky is a bit black. Wanted to do a car boot with mum on Sunday but the weather forecast don't look good so probably won't bother. Anyway I'll sign off now as hubby is home so will go and make a cuppa, Linda x

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

tooth extraction

Hi all, well the tooth is no more. Went to the dentist and after taking a look at it he said there wasn't much he could do as there wasn't much left. As it was a back tooth I said I was happy for it to come out and he agreed. To try and save it may have cost nearly £800.00 as root work would have been involved but the extraction cost £155.00 so a huge difference there then. After being well numbed up he set to work. The deed was painless but it was all the cracking noises that puts you off. Job done I went home and after an hour the pack came out and thats when I took some painkillers and put a new pack in. When everything wore off the pain really hit and it was like a really bad toothache, not nice at all. I've tried various tablets but I think the best are soluble solpadeine. Had 2 tins of tomato soup all day so I'm a bit hungry. Earlier I wanted something as I felt a bit iffy so I had a luke warm coffee drinking it from a spoon as I was still numb, what a performance. Anyway should be ok in a day or 2 and can't wait for something decent to eat. We actually had some sunshine after the initial rain this morning, made quite a change.Linda x

Monday, 23 April 2012


Hi all. I had a 2 hour lesson this morning and my tooth managed to fall to pieces. Have been taking tablets for the pain and I've got an appointment at the dentist at 9.15 in the morning. Not sure what will happen as there is only a small bit of the side of the tooth there, the rest has gone and it just feels like a hole. Not sure if I mentioned what happened about Saffy. She got the all clear on her tests, urine and blood so now I've got to feed her up a bit and she will go back in 2 weeks time for another weigh in. Saffy is loving having extra food, but she would eat as much as you put in her bowl all day, every day, she is quite greedy. It's been raining all day from about 9.10 this morning. Signing off now, love to all in blogland, Linda x

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Fed up now

Hi all. Poppy has been a bit of a pain this week as twice she rolled in fox poo and smelt awful. I had to bath her and one day I was in a bit of a rush to get out, never mind could always be worse. Today it poured as it has done just about every day since the hosepipe ban was announced. I did 10 mins of hooping, great for the waist but a short while ago I was having a sesame snack and I've broken a big back tooth, not happy now. I will have to visit the dentist for a repair job. I hope it can be filled as I definitely won't be having a crown put in there, worse case I'll have it out.Off for a nice fluffy bath while listening to the radio to try and cheer up, Linda x

Sunday, 15 April 2012

zumba class

Hi all. I went to a zumba class this evening but I was disappointed. It was supposed to be for beginners, that's me but when the class started she just went straight into a routine. She didn't ask any questions about new people or fitness. The class was fast paced and I had to stop at one point as I was worried about my back.I'd like to go to another class, not there again so I'll take a look round. I've been doing my new hula hoop, it's big and hopefully get fit with that. I'm going to have a look on utube and look at zumba on there, Linda x

Saturday, 14 April 2012

the girls

Hi all. Been a bit worried about Saffy as she's lost weight and I was worried about how much water she was drinking and the lump thats getting bigger. We took her to the vets Thursday and he did a fine needle aspiration, the lump is nothing to worry about. He did a blood test, all ok there so now I'm having to monitor the water she drinks by measuring it when I put it down and I'll let him know Monday the magic numbers, then we'll go from there. I had to take a urine sample to the vets, that was quite comical as Saffy squats really low so I just put the container thing underneath and moved it around a bit hoping to get something in it. Just in come in from the field with the girls and Poppy had managed to roll in something unpleasant so a quick bath was called for. Dogs, can't you just wish they were perfect, like that's ever going to happen. I had a pupil pass 1st time yesterday but she was worried by the date, Fri 13th. when she passed she now thinks it might not be such a bad day after all. The sun's out at the moment, grass way too wet to cut though. Just going to get my 3rd wash of the day going then going to have a cuppa. I bought myself a hula hoop so hoping to tone up a bit. Bye for now, I hope you all have a lovely weekend, Linda x

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Poppy and the pond

Hi all. What a lovely day. I took the girls on a nice long walk today and we discovered a pond, I wouldn't mind but I've walked past it so many times and not seen it before. I've added a bit of video of Poppy loving it, enjoy, Linda x
I've been trying for ages to add the video and can't so I might try tomorrow as I'm fed up now

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

a couple more photos

Hi all, just a couple more pictures from yesterday. The penguin is standing outside the aquarium and the horses from Horse guards Parade. Back to work today, no tea in bed and 4 lessons, Linda x

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Birthday girl

Hello to anyone who may be out there . Today was my birthday and mum came over last night to doggysit and today hubby and I went to London and went on the London Eye, had a walk along Horse guards Parade, saw Downing Street, Trafalgar Square and then went in The Aquarium. It was a bit chilly and misty at first but we ended up in lovely sunshine. It was a very pleasant change as usually I spend the day alone, by choice and visit a garden centre or look around charity shops, so it was a real change and it was really nice. We had a pizza and after 7 hrs after eating I'm still really full. I've put a couple of pictures up and will do another couple in the next few days. Linda x

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Saffy had a bath

Hi all, such funny weather. Yesterday decided Saffron needed the beauty treatment so after a good brush, comb and hair cut she had a bath and blow dry. She was very good and looks very nice today. I was going to give Poppy the treatment today but it has been pouring with rain all day so hubby and I decided to go for a walk. In total we were out walking and looking around a couple of shops for 2 1/4hrs. If the weather is ok I'll wash and brush Poppy tomorrow, mind you it won't take very long as Poppy doesn't have much of a coat unlike Saffy who has a very heavy coat. Phoned my cousin in Oz today as she has finally got a landline, all ok over there. It's the same cousin that was here last year. Not really much else to say so will scram, Linda x

Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sunday 26th Feb

Hi all. Mum and I had an overnight stay in Poole, Dorset on Friday night as we wanted to see something in Swanage. We arrived and booked into our Permier Inn room and went off to Swanage, saw what we wanted to then had a little stroll around the town. Headed back to hotel as we had dinner booked for 6pm. After eating it was off to our room for a nice relax. We both had a bad nights sleep but after breaky on the Saturday we headed into old town Poole by the quay and saw some fab boats and walked along the waters front. After a short time there we headed to the New Forest so we could have a cuppa and see if we could fine any horses. We stopped by the side of the motorway and had a drink and a bite to eat, just a lay by as we couldn't see a sign that said " new forest , ponies pull in here" if you get my drift, so after our cuppa we headed off again and saw a sign for something so we pulled off the motorway and after a short time we came across the 4 horses as seen in the picture. We arrived home between 4.30 and 5pm and I got home in time to take the girls out as hubby hadn't done so. All unpacked and ready to get back to normal. We both enjoyed our time away but I think hubby struggled with the girls. Today the weather was fab so I took the girls on a longer walk and came back and did a spot of gardening. Linda x

Monday, 20 February 2012

Shut Poppy out

Hi all. The other day I'd taken the girls out and when we came back I hung the leads up and then got on with some housework. I reckon I'd been hovering and doing things for just over an hour and I'd come downstairs to hover the hall and stairs and as I was trying to plug the machine in I heard some heavy sniffing by the front door. I opened it up and there was Poppy, I couldn't believe she'd been out there without barking or letting me know where she was as she is very vocal usually. The set up we have front door wise is, an outer glass door and then we have a wooden front door that leads into the hall. The space in-between is where we put the wellies and dog leads and where the post is dropped. It's only about 3 or 4 of feet wide, so poor old Poppy must have wondered what was happening. When I let her back in she got a treat and seemed to stay close to me for a couple of hours, but she's fine now, ahh bless. The other day I made myself a pizza and it was lovely but about 4am I felt really unwell and lay in bed until a very abrupt trip to the loo at 5.05am where I was promptly very sick and then had to worry about the other end, sorry if there's too much info happening there. Felt pretty bad for the rest of the day. I'd love to know what upset me though as I've got no idea what it could have been. Hope all is well in blogland for everyone out there,Linda x

Monday, 13 February 2012

Bad day Saturday

Hi all. Woke up on Saturday and felt really bad, so tired and just not right. I'd had about 3 really bad nights sleep prior to that waking up every hour and it all caught up with me on the Saturday. I had a cholesterol test at Sainsbury's that they were advertising and that came out at 6 which is a bit high and my good chol was about 1.44 so that needs to come up a bit. Came home after buying a couple of bits, almonds and walnuts as they are supposed to help.Bought a couple of lovely looking brown crispy rolls and came home and had one, lovely. I hadn't got 1/2 way through the roll when I crunched on something hard, I thought I hope I haven't damaged a tooth, I thought I'd crunched on a big seed or something. Anyway fished this hard bit out and it was part of a tooth, my heart sunk. After finishing the mouthful I found out which it was. It was the 4th one along from the front just in line to be seen when smiling and there was no tooth but all you could see was the black filling. No pain, thankfully, so I left a message at the dentists and this morning I got a call from them saying they could see me at 12.30. I had a crown done, it looks fab but it cost £400, I couldn't afford to pay but mum came to the rescue, THANK YOU MUM. All happy in the teeth department again. Last night another bad night. I went to bed about 1.30 as I thought I'll leave it late but I was still awake at 3.30, then nodded off and awake again about 5 then 7 and so on. It's now 22.40 so I might go to bed and read, can't go to sleep yet. No work tomorrow but I hear the housework calling me, I wish I had a housework fairy :)
I had a nice pupil of mine pass first time on Friday, well done her. Linda x

Friday, 10 February 2012

Lots of snow last night

Hi all, lots of snow from last night and I've added a couple of pictures. Had to cancel a lesson today as the pupil didn't fancy driving around in this weather plus she lives on a dodgy hilly road.I made some lip salve today and it seems ok. I thought I'd make some as I go through it like there's no tomorrow and I have to have some in the car, in jackets everywhere just incase I forget to put it in my pocket. I remember we were on holiday last year, Belgium I think and I didn't have a lip slave, after we'd done our tour hubby and I ran back to a supermarket to buy me a lip lipsalve as I'm can't be without the stuff. I've been using it for so many years now, terrible habit I know and I don't know how much goes on my lips and how much I eat. I took the girls over the field earlier and I thought I'd try Poppy with her coat on. Last year when we had snow we bought her a coat but it was way too big for her. It fits now and it didn't stop her running around like she normally does. I took some video on the phone but can't upload on here so I'll try and remember to take a couple of pictures of "the Pops" wearing her coat, cute. Bye for now, keep safe and keep warm,Linda

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bit more footage

now I've sussed how to add video, here's a bit more x


Hi all, it snowed last night from about 6pm until after midnight when I went to bed and this morning we had plenty of the white stuff. I took the girls over the field this morning and have taken some video of Poppy running around but I'm just to find out how to upload it to this blog, if I can find out I'll add it later. Hope everyone is fine and dandy and managing to keep warm, Linda x

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Hi all

Well another day and again I'm so tired. Yesterday was an in day apart from taking the girls out that is. Hubby put the new bathroom sink in and it proved to be a bigger job than he anticipated, but all is done now and it looks smart. We needed a new one as the old one had a couple of cracks in it. I was so tired yesterday that I took a sleepy type tablet, had a nice hot bath and went to bed early. I think I slept for about 3 hrs before the usual waking up. The thing when you take a tablet it usually means you drop off to sleep again quite quickly. Had a nice cup of tea in bed this morning from hubby and we decided we would go and see mum and go out for lunch. I took the girls out then off out to lunch at the local garden centre. They do very nice food and at good prices. I've just been doing a bit of reading but I'm so tired again I thought I must get up or I'll fall asleep, not good as I'll be awake all night if I do that. In a minute I'll get some ironing done, I wouldn't mind none of it's mine it's all hubbies shirts, mind you I do like ironing. I think I saw we have snow showers coming in the morning, wait to see how that goes, I'm not working so it's ok for me at the moment. Not much else to say really so I won't try and stretch any more out of this blog,Linda x

Friday, 27 January 2012

Meant to tell you

Hi all, meant to tell you about the leak we had a few days before Christmas. I came home after a couple of hours and went to the kitchen put kettle on did a couple of other things then went into the lounge only to find dripping coming from the ceiling. I rushed upstairs and found water coming out of the hot water tank, dripping down the side and going through the floor then through the ceiling. I put some towels around the tank, put a bowl in the lounge where the drip was and phoned hubby. Cutting a long story short when he came home he found the problem, bought a new whatever it was and fixed it. It took me about 3 days to wash and dry all the dogs bedding as the drips had gone into the dog basket then out onto the carpet. But we had to have the heating on 24hrs for a few days and the fire on overnight to help dry everything out. I knew I wouldn't sleep with the fire going so I stayed up all night downstairs reading and seeing if anything was on the tv, not much I must add even with tons of channels. I've put a couple of pictures of the wallpaper hanging down from the ceiling and the carpet raised to try and dry it out, All is fine now but we still haven't wallpapered the ceiling yet, Linda x

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Saffy just got the beauty treatment

Hi all, time now 21.37 and I've just given Saffron a good brush and comb, checked her feet, trimmed her ears and had a good feel of her lumps and bumps just to see if they're getting any bigger or not, all ok for the minute. Today I watched Birdsong and I had a good cry. To see the trenches as they were was really awful. When we visited Ypres last year there was a mock up of how they were living but seeing it like that on the TV made it even worse. It brought back seeing the WW1 wargraves, it was such a waste of life and it was supposed to be the war to end all wars. Visiting the graves last year has had an effect on me I just can't explain it. Didn't work today and when I finally got round to taking the girls out it was raining and we all got a bit wet. Earlier I watched "pit bulls and parolees " another sad programme about rescuing pit bulls in USA. Not much else to say for today so I'll sign off, Linda x

Sunday, 22 January 2012

How long ago was this ???

Ok I can see it's been ages. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, yes I know it seems many moons ago now.
We all had a nice time over the holiday period. I said I would eat and not worry about it and I did. I threw the last of the biscuits out to the birds a couple of weeks ago and I'm back on the healthy eating. I'm also making smoothies and soups with the new blender hubby bought as part of my many pressies. I did very well in the present department I must say. Yesterday the soup was carrot and coriander and it was really very nice, got about one more bowl full for tomorrow. Next week I'll be having a go at tomato and basil. I've got back to the walking again and a few times I'll take Saffy over the field with Poppy and I then bring her back then Pops and I go out again. Just before crimbo my back and right hip were causing me such pain in the end I went to the docs and had an X-ray, all well with that but I'm having a bit of physio for my back.I'm doing the exercises and it does feel a whole lot better.Business not great at the moment but I'm still working and a lot of us here in Guildford are mostly in the same boat, unless they are telling a few porky pies. The other thing I'm now drinking is green tea, pretty evil stuff in my opinion but it's supposed to be good for you that's why I'll stick to it. Hubby, mum and the girls are all fine, touch wood at the moment. Anyway, hopefully I'll be back with a vengeance now I've started. I hope all is well with everyone, signing off, Linda x