Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Poor old Saffy

Poor old Saffy has an upset tim again. I heard her moaning ar 5.40 this morning and thought I'll let her out as I'm awake but I smelt mess. Anyway I let them out in the garden and when I came back upstairs I closed the bedroom door and put the lights on........a lot of small bits on the floor but in the back bedroom a nice pile of dogs mess. I cleaned up what I could with paper towels and carpet cleaner, by then hubby had got up so we had early breakfast. Hubby then decided it would be best if he vaxed the carpets as they are new so hopefully keep the stains and smell out. Poor Saffy. I was going to give her some chicken and rice late this evening but she has just come in from the garden again and tummy still not right, vets closed now so we will save that for tomorrow. I know the last time I took her down, the vet said the change in weather can sometimes upset them. I don't know how she picks these things up as she wears a muzzle when out because she eats everyones dogs mess. Sorry if there is too much info happening here. Let you know what happens and I hope she'll be ok overnight, Linda x

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