Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Thursday, 17 November 2011

hurt my head

Hi all.Firstly we took Saffy to the doggy docs yesterday as a lump she had has got bigger but the vet said we'll keep an eye on it. The day before yesterday I was emptying the dishwasher and had a kitchen cupboard open when my phone went as I had a text, I picked up my phone and caught the very corner edge of the cupboard on my head. It made my eyes water but was ok. At 4.15 the next morning I woke up with a blinder of a headache so took a couple of tablets and went back to bed. When I got up I still had a headache and my head throbbed but couldn't stop as I had a new customer and a test later in the day. I took more tablets as my head was still throbbing by 3pm, I phoned the doctor for advice to see if it was ok to be like this or should I take a trip to the hospital. The doctor said if I wasn't seeing double or being sick the hospital wouldn't take an X-ray and to keep taking the tablets. Anyway I had a bad head for the rest of yesterday and my head is still not quite right today but it is better. I can't believe I did this as I'm always telling hubby and mum to make sure cupboards are closed just incase someone bangs their head, that's justice for you. It's funny as I'm always saying when we are away, don't touch railings and things as you don't know what's been on them before and blow me down last year I had a touch of food poisoning and had to cancel a trip while we were away as I'd been sick in the night, what can I say. Hope everyone is ok out there in blogland, Linda x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Saffy is fine now

Hi all, sorry for not writing sooner. With Saffy I thought I would try the "not going to the vet unless I have to route"
The day after she wasn't well she didn't have any food for 24 hours then only about 4 small meals of chicken and rice and the next day chicken and rice with dog food but with small portions to begin with then gradually back to normal. It takes a couple of days but after that she was fine and back to normal. It's a shame but thats what my old vet always said, starve for 24 hrs then bland food and little of it. Anyway, all in the past now and both girls are fine and dandy. It was mum's birthday on Monday so I picked her up from her place and she come over to me and I cooked a nice roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings for mum and hubby, a nice day was had by all. After my last lesson this afternoon I went to Sainsbury's and started spending our nectar points that we had been saving all year on our Christmas bits and pieces. It was great to get to the checkout and only pay 2p on a £44.82 shop. I had a coupon and lots of reward points. I think in total we had over £84 in rewards and closer to the time I'll get the turkey and veggies etc. I keep thinking about remembrance, poppy day 11.11.11 and feel really upset when I think about the people who gave their lives for the likes of the yobs that we have wondering around on the planet. It's all a bit closer to my heart now after visiting the WW1 graves last month, all so sad. The Menin Gate gets transformed into fields of poppies for the services that take place there. It's turned a bit colder now but I heard on the radio that it might be warming up again soon, how weird, Linda x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Poor old Saffy

Poor old Saffy has an upset tim again. I heard her moaning ar 5.40 this morning and thought I'll let her out as I'm awake but I smelt mess. Anyway I let them out in the garden and when I came back upstairs I closed the bedroom door and put the lights on........a lot of small bits on the floor but in the back bedroom a nice pile of dogs mess. I cleaned up what I could with paper towels and carpet cleaner, by then hubby had got up so we had early breakfast. Hubby then decided it would be best if he vaxed the carpets as they are new so hopefully keep the stains and smell out. Poor Saffy. I was going to give her some chicken and rice late this evening but she has just come in from the garden again and tummy still not right, vets closed now so we will save that for tomorrow. I know the last time I took her down, the vet said the change in weather can sometimes upset them. I don't know how she picks these things up as she wears a muzzle when out because she eats everyones dogs mess. Sorry if there is too much info happening here. Let you know what happens and I hope she'll be ok overnight, Linda x