Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

WW1 graves pictures

Hi all, there are a few pictures of the WW1 graves. The headstones go on for quite a way and there are 3 sorts. One where it just says a soldier of the great war, another when the regiment has been identified but not the person and the 3rd is where they have all the info. It is a very moving place. It was where a great deal of fighting went on in a very small area, they believe there are lots more bodies to be found. There is a wall that has thousands of names on with missing soldiers still unaccounted for. In the local town there is another huge monument known as the Menin Gate with more names around the whole structure, again very sad. It makes you wonder what war is all about and why have all those thousands of wasted lives. The picture showing the 7 headstones close together is where 27 soldiers were buried in a shell hole, it was done at night as it had to be in the cover of darkness otherwise they would have been killed by snipers. On a lighter note, POPPY IS EATING, hurra. Today after finishing off the fish and rice between them they have had a bit more rice, dog biscuit, dog food and a bit of chicken, they have had 3 small meals and I had 2 very clean dishes. ATM I've got a blinder of a headache and a funny throat, wouldn't surprise me if I'm coming down with what hubby has had and still has, Linda x

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