Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 7 October 2011

Today Friday

Hello all. Well in a blink of an eye she's been and gone. I picked my cousin up on Monday 2.25 and by Wed @ 4.30 she was gone. We had a catch up on the Monday evening after popping to tesco for a couple of bits, Tues we went and saw my mum who my cousin hadn't seen for 32 years, after that we had a quick stop in Godalming. Wed morning after a very long chat we went to the grave of Lewis Carol then a very quick trip to Guildford where she looked at a few shops, we didn't really even get up the high st. After a quick cuppa off to Guildford St and back to Welwyn Garden City. Today after a catch up day to herself she's gone to Durham for the weekend before moving on to Leeds then I'm not sure. When she finally gets back to Oz I must find out how many people and how many different places she saw and visited. I only had 2 lessons yesterday so settled back into work very easy. Saffron is doing very well, she had her stitches out on Monday and is still confined to to the lead until Monday, I bet she'll be so relieved to get away from me, saying that she doesn't run around much, it's more of a plod. It was great having my cousin here it was almost like having a sister that I don't have. Poppy is on the not eating kick again as she's only just (19.15hrs) had her food for the day. She didn't eat her breaky so I take it up and put it down again in the evening. I do worry about her but the vet she was lean and seems good. Anyway, I'll sign off now as I'm going to make a nice cup of tea, Linda x

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