Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 1 October 2011

pulled something yesterday

Hi all, yesterday as I was picking up Saffrons food bowl I felt something go. I believe I've pulled a muscle in my chest but I dosed up on ibuprofen, ralgex and anything else appropriate to keep the pain away. I only did a test (she passed) and a new pupil yesterday as I wanted to rest as much as I could. Saffy will be having her stitches out monday and my car has to do in as it's not running right. My cousin will be coming on Monday too so I will be busy. I'm taking mon, tues, and wed off incase we decide to go out, mind you I won't be out for long because of the girls. I can't believe how hot it's been today for the 1st of Oct, mind you I think it's back to normal next week. Must be away now as I need to get the girls out before it gets dark, Linda x

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  1. Hi Linda

    How are you? Many moons ago, my husband bent down to feed one of our cats, did something to his back and couldn't straighten up! Hope Saffy go on OK today.