Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Painting the bathroom door

Hi all, at last the end is in sight. I'm painting the final door. Today hubby took the bathroom door off and gave it a sanding down then I filled in some holes, sanded it down again and applied the first undercoat. Hopefully it won't take too long. I was going for a long walk today but it was that very fine rain and thought do Poppy and I want to get really was the answer. At least they both had a walk over the field earlier in the day. Looking forward to D/Abbey but will have to let it run for about an hour before I watch it as I can't stand all the adverts. Might go and do a bit of my cross stitch in a minute. I can hear the fireworks and so can Poppy who is sitting so very close to me at the moment. Bye for now, Linda x

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Lovely sunny day today

Hi all. I gave my cousin in Oz a ring today and she is missing family, friends and England and hasn't quite settled back home yet, mind you,saying that she was pleased to catch up with her cats and family and friends in Oz. Today I was on a mission to find the headstone of the wireless operator who went down with the Titanic, aged 25 and 1 day. I heard about him from mum as she mentioned there was a memorial of someone in Godalming that went down on the ship. This all came about while I was watching Downton Abbey as they mentioned people from the Carpathia ship went to the Titanics rescue. The operator was last heard sending a signal about 2.17 and the ship went down about 2.20, very sad. I've put a couple of pictures on here if anyone want to take a look. I want to visit the museum at Godalming when I have a bit of free time. The weather here today was lovely, sunny and warm, I went out and didn't even wear a coat. Poppy is still eating everything I put down for her, such a change and I'm so happy about it. Tomorrow there are fireworks going off a short distance away from us and I know she will be terrified, Saffy on the other hand would stand on the patio and just watch the pretty bright lights, they don't worry her at all. Going to take mum and another couple of people to Dorking on Monday as long as it's not pouring with rain, bye for now, Linda x

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Hi all, just a quick one as I'm between lessons. Poppy is eating, I'm not sure what went on at the kennels but she's off the fish and rice and is now eating very well and having 2 or 3 bowls of food. Ok I'm not filling the bowl to the brim but there's a fair bit in there. Went to bed yesterday at 3.30 pm as I felt rough for a couple of hrs, then got up and went back to bed about 8.30pm. Didn't sleep all the time but this morning I did feel better but now have a proper sore throat and am losing my voice. Got a lesson shortly have to see how the voice goes, may have to cancel my last lesson as I need to talk as the pupil is fairly new so needs instruction, Linda x

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

WW1 graves pictures

Hi all, there are a few pictures of the WW1 graves. The headstones go on for quite a way and there are 3 sorts. One where it just says a soldier of the great war, another when the regiment has been identified but not the person and the 3rd is where they have all the info. It is a very moving place. It was where a great deal of fighting went on in a very small area, they believe there are lots more bodies to be found. There is a wall that has thousands of names on with missing soldiers still unaccounted for. In the local town there is another huge monument known as the Menin Gate with more names around the whole structure, again very sad. It makes you wonder what war is all about and why have all those thousands of wasted lives. The picture showing the 7 headstones close together is where 27 soldiers were buried in a shell hole, it was done at night as it had to be in the cover of darkness otherwise they would have been killed by snipers. On a lighter note, POPPY IS EATING, hurra. Today after finishing off the fish and rice between them they have had a bit more rice, dog biscuit, dog food and a bit of chicken, they have had 3 small meals and I had 2 very clean dishes. ATM I've got a blinder of a headache and a funny throat, wouldn't surprise me if I'm coming down with what hubby has had and still has, Linda x

Monday, 17 October 2011

Just back from Belgium

Hi all, really quick as I'll post more tomorrow. We are just back from a 2 night cruise to Belgium and we visited the WW1 wargraves at Ypres, really sad and it made me think what a waste of life. Caught up with D/Abbey and at the begining there is a scene of the men going over the top of the trenches, where we visited a museum there is a mock up of the trenches and how life was for the men, I'll post some pictures next blog. We visited the graves and they are perfect but so many died and so many named as missing on the walls around the place. More tomorrow as I'm so tired and must get to bed. If anyone is interested do a search and have a look about what went on, Linda x

Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday 14th Oct

Hi all, still no toilet door but I have been busy undercoating and painting and it should be back in a couple of days. I was so worried about Poppy not eating we took her to the doggy docs a couple of days ago. The vet said as she wasn't presenting with any problems and she runs around over the field, she just eats enough to keep her going. He said he looks very good and lean and is a fine figure of a racy type dog. I felt so pleased after that I had a packet of crisps and a pizza to celebrate. I can't remember the last time she actually had a bowl of food and for the last couple of days she's eaten about 6 mouthfuls of dog food, a couple of denta sticks and a few gravy bones for returning after her walk and a jumbone or 2. I think we'll have to get her spayed then I know she'll eat as I had the same problem with Saffy not eating until she had her op now she's a bit to podgy. I don't know they are such a worry. She only had a denta stick this morning and I've been feeling a bit upset all day because of this. The vet said he could do a load of blood tests but he didn't think he needed to waste our money as she seemed fine. She's going back in a month to be weighed again and to see how she's going. I think that's it for now, from a bit of a worried Linda x

Monday, 10 October 2011

no toilet door

Hello all. Now my cousin has been and gone we are getting back to the painting of the doors. Hubby took the toilet door off yesterday and gave it an undercoat so today I've given it another sanding and have undercoated the other side. Not very happy about not having a toilet door but I suppose I'll get the painting done in double quick time. When either of us wants to use the toilet we tell each other so we know to stay where we are. Yesterday I made lots of bath salts and epsom salts, today been busy making bath bombs. Not too busy tomorrow so will paint the door again and maybe make more bath bombs. I think the house smells nice although hubby not too keen. Saffy is very pleased with her new found freedom when out walking, Poppy still doesn't eat well so yesterday I made her some meat paste on toast and she had 3 slices as she can do with the extra weight. Today I thought, great, I'm on to a winner and she ate about 4 squares that hubby hand fed her. She hasn't eaten her dinner but I'm not going to give it to her at 10 or 11 in the evening as I sometimes do as it's been put in the fridge, I'll give it to her for breakfast and see if she eats it then. I think if it goes on for much longer it will be a trip to the doggy docs. They both had a shoe chew today that they ate so I don't think it's her teeth or anything. I even changed her dog food when we went shopping on saturday and didn't put much biscuit in as I don't think she likes it. Saffy went through all this and that ended in a trip to the doggy docs but now she's been spayed she'll eat anything and everything, she's like a dustbin. When the vet saw Poppy last he said she was lean and seemed fine, have to see what happens, Linda x

Friday, 7 October 2011

Today Friday

Hello all. Well in a blink of an eye she's been and gone. I picked my cousin up on Monday 2.25 and by Wed @ 4.30 she was gone. We had a catch up on the Monday evening after popping to tesco for a couple of bits, Tues we went and saw my mum who my cousin hadn't seen for 32 years, after that we had a quick stop in Godalming. Wed morning after a very long chat we went to the grave of Lewis Carol then a very quick trip to Guildford where she looked at a few shops, we didn't really even get up the high st. After a quick cuppa off to Guildford St and back to Welwyn Garden City. Today after a catch up day to herself she's gone to Durham for the weekend before moving on to Leeds then I'm not sure. When she finally gets back to Oz I must find out how many people and how many different places she saw and visited. I only had 2 lessons yesterday so settled back into work very easy. Saffron is doing very well, she had her stitches out on Monday and is still confined to to the lead until Monday, I bet she'll be so relieved to get away from me, saying that she doesn't run around much, it's more of a plod. It was great having my cousin here it was almost like having a sister that I don't have. Poppy is on the not eating kick again as she's only just (19.15hrs) had her food for the day. She didn't eat her breaky so I take it up and put it down again in the evening. I do worry about her but the vet she was lean and seems good. Anyway, I'll sign off now as I'm going to make a nice cup of tea, Linda x

Saturday, 1 October 2011

pulled something yesterday

Hi all, yesterday as I was picking up Saffrons food bowl I felt something go. I believe I've pulled a muscle in my chest but I dosed up on ibuprofen, ralgex and anything else appropriate to keep the pain away. I only did a test (she passed) and a new pupil yesterday as I wanted to rest as much as I could. Saffy will be having her stitches out monday and my car has to do in as it's not running right. My cousin will be coming on Monday too so I will be busy. I'm taking mon, tues, and wed off incase we decide to go out, mind you I won't be out for long because of the girls. I can't believe how hot it's been today for the 1st of Oct, mind you I think it's back to normal next week. Must be away now as I need to get the girls out before it gets dark, Linda x