Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Back from a short break

Hi all. Came back from our 5 night cruise yesterday, had a lovely time. Went to Belgium, Holland, France and Guernsey. Visited the Delft factory in Holland, The Hague, Ghent, Honfleur, such a pretty place and Guernsey. Never been to the last place and it was lovely and had really lovely weather. We went to the underground hospital but it was really a shell unlike the one in Jersey. Lots of history on Guernsey because of the war. I'd like to visit there again. The ship was the new Queen Elizabeth that has now replaced the old QE2, lovely ship and funnily enough it was on Watchdog the other night about the way tipping is done onboard. Poppy and Saffy were super pleased to see us when we picked them up yesterday morning after we arrived back. Poor old Saffron had to wear a lampshade to stop her getting to her leg and when we first arrived she was rushing in and out of the kennel banging her collar on the side of the walls. I took them straight over the field for a nice long walk which they seemed to enjoy, can't think why. On board the Q Elizabeth they have a pizza station where you can have fresh pizzas to order, I must admit to having 3 or 4 while I was onboard. Came back yesterday and found out the recycling hadn't gone because of the bank holiday so was busy doing some gardening and cutting the grass so I could put the clippings out today, just managed to finish about 7.30 pm just before it got dark. Been up the back today and have been painting the door again. Can't afford to slack now as my cousin from Oz will be visiting soon and I would like to have matching doors upstairs. Back to reality today as I did 4 washes. Got 3 on the line and didn't bother to put the last lot out as they are shirts and won't take long to dry indoors in the spare bedroom, ironing tomorrow. Bye for now, lovely day here, Linda x

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