Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 12 August 2011

not well this week

Hi all and following on from monday, not been a good week. I still had a really sore throat on Tues so had to cancel my lessons. Wednesday felt a bit better but a cold had started so dosed up with loads of stuff, but did 3 hrs work. Yesterday felt really bad and as the saying goes, felt like death warmed up, so had to cancel lessons again and felt so tired I went to bed at 5.20 in the afternoon. I thought I'd better cancel lessons for today ( friday) and be done with it so hopefully now will recover and be done with it. I've certainly had lots of early night this weeks ranging from 8.15pm to 5.20 the other night. The only thing with being in bed for so long it makes my back ache. As I've been in all day and done nothing I do feel a bit better. Am taking cough medicine, cold and flu tablets and anything else that will help, hopefully now have the weekend to feel better, fingers crossed. I think there is something going around because when I went in the post office and the bank the other day people told me that staff had gone home as they weren't well too. I just hope hope I haven't passed it on as it's not very pleasant. I'm hoping hubby won't get the lurgy either. A nice sunny day outside but I'm just sitting in and watching some tv, but it's all a bit boring after a while. I feel I should be hovering but want to do as little as poss to be better for Monday. Hope all of you peeps are in tip top health and keep away from anyone with a sore throat or a cough or the sniffles, Linda x

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