Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Monday, 22 August 2011

Just met the new vet & he made me cry

Hi all. Our old vet retired in April and although we've been to the practice we hadn't met the new vet. Anyway we needed to take Saffy for her booster and we saw the new vet, nice chap. We were having a general chat and Saffy has been on steroids for years as she chews her feet and now she has developed lick granuloma when he said he would need to take her leg off.........................I'm afraid that's all I really heard then I welled up and started to sniff and cry. What he was trying to say was separate her leg from her body for about a year to break the cycle of the licking. He realised he'd upset me and said he was sorry but I said I'd had 4 of my girls put to sleep in the vets and even though it was over 9 years or so I still cry and get very upset at the thought of it. I've got creams for her leg and elbow and in the next week or 2 she has got to have a lump removed from her elbow. They will be going to prison (kennels) soon for a few days and while Saffy is there she will wear a lampshade, that's magic as we won't see it and won't have to see the pleading eyes. Poppy today was in my bad books. I was out for 2 hrs and when I came back she had chewed a corner off a sequin bag I had treated myself to and only used it about twice, mummy was not pleased with her. Anyway, that's the saga for now. I'm off now to put Saffys cream on. Linda x

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