Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's Sunday again

Hi all, can't believe it's been a week. I still felt a bit weird a couple of days last week and had another couple of early nights. Thursday I think I went to bed about 7.15, very strange. Poppy is now fully out of season and full of the joys of spring and racing around in full flow, ahh bless. I managed to get a bit more undercoating done today and I mustn't stop now, got to keep going as I still have 2 complete doors to do not counting the one up the back now. It has turned out a really lovely day and quite warm too. Shortly as we have all been fed and watered I will make a start on my ironing, all exciting stuff I know. Starting to think about crimbo presses now as I do like to plan ahead. We have all been saving our Sains points and have about £58 towards the crimbo shop which means we won't have to dip into our pockets when the time comes. Last year I got so much food in you would think I was feeding an army not 3 plus the 2 girls, I won't be making the same mistake this year. After a big dinner nobody really wants to eat much, maybe just a sandwich and a cuppa. I usually end up throwing the cakes and various bits I don't want the girls to eat out for the birds, this year I will be a bit more careful. Anyway, no more of the c word. Can't think of anymore news, Linda x

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