Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Poor old Pops

Hi all, Poppy was watching me eat my toast this morning and I noticed her right eye wasn't right. Anyway we're just back from the doggy docs again, and he remembered us. She has conjunctivitis and is sporting an almost fluorescent orange eye. He said he has met the whole family now :)
No tears from me but Poppy wasn't impressed with the eye examination. Eye drops all in for now and hopefully all better within 5 days. Linda x

Monday, 22 August 2011

Just met the new vet & he made me cry

Hi all. Our old vet retired in April and although we've been to the practice we hadn't met the new vet. Anyway we needed to take Saffy for her booster and we saw the new vet, nice chap. We were having a general chat and Saffy has been on steroids for years as she chews her feet and now she has developed lick granuloma when he said he would need to take her leg off.........................I'm afraid that's all I really heard then I welled up and started to sniff and cry. What he was trying to say was separate her leg from her body for about a year to break the cycle of the licking. He realised he'd upset me and said he was sorry but I said I'd had 4 of my girls put to sleep in the vets and even though it was over 9 years or so I still cry and get very upset at the thought of it. I've got creams for her leg and elbow and in the next week or 2 she has got to have a lump removed from her elbow. They will be going to prison (kennels) soon for a few days and while Saffy is there she will wear a lampshade, that's magic as we won't see it and won't have to see the pleading eyes. Poppy today was in my bad books. I was out for 2 hrs and when I came back she had chewed a corner off a sequin bag I had treated myself to and only used it about twice, mummy was not pleased with her. Anyway, that's the saga for now. I'm off now to put Saffys cream on. Linda x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's Sunday again

Hi all, can't believe it's been a week. I still felt a bit weird a couple of days last week and had another couple of early nights. Thursday I think I went to bed about 7.15, very strange. Poppy is now fully out of season and full of the joys of spring and racing around in full flow, ahh bless. I managed to get a bit more undercoating done today and I mustn't stop now, got to keep going as I still have 2 complete doors to do not counting the one up the back now. It has turned out a really lovely day and quite warm too. Shortly as we have all been fed and watered I will make a start on my ironing, all exciting stuff I know. Starting to think about crimbo presses now as I do like to plan ahead. We have all been saving our Sains points and have about £58 towards the crimbo shop which means we won't have to dip into our pockets when the time comes. Last year I got so much food in you would think I was feeding an army not 3 plus the 2 girls, I won't be making the same mistake this year. After a big dinner nobody really wants to eat much, maybe just a sandwich and a cuppa. I usually end up throwing the cakes and various bits I don't want the girls to eat out for the birds, this year I will be a bit more careful. Anyway, no more of the c word. Can't think of anymore news, Linda x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday 21.16

Evening all. Did nothing Friday except get a bit bored watching the tv most of the day but Saturday I did feel better. Went shopping and gave Poppy a bath and hubby and I did take her and Saffron over the field. Poppy did have vick on her bottom and she was kept on her lead but we didn't meet anyone. Today Poppy went out again, with vick and her lead on but again we didn't meet any dogs so I don't know if any dogs will sniff around her. I might let her off her lead in a couple of days time. It was pretty warm today here. it looked like rain but it never happened. I went up the summerhouse to sand a door down but felt too weary so in the end I just filled in a few holes so when I have the time I must get back to my painting. My cousin from Australia will be visiting in a couple of months for a few days so looking forward to that. Poop soul she will probably need a holiday when she gets back as she's planning to do a lot in the couple of months she's away. No more news really so I'll sign off and go and do my nails ready for work in the morning, Linda x

Friday, 12 August 2011

not well this week

Hi all and following on from monday, not been a good week. I still had a really sore throat on Tues so had to cancel my lessons. Wednesday felt a bit better but a cold had started so dosed up with loads of stuff, but did 3 hrs work. Yesterday felt really bad and as the saying goes, felt like death warmed up, so had to cancel lessons again and felt so tired I went to bed at 5.20 in the afternoon. I thought I'd better cancel lessons for today ( friday) and be done with it so hopefully now will recover and be done with it. I've certainly had lots of early night this weeks ranging from 8.15pm to 5.20 the other night. The only thing with being in bed for so long it makes my back ache. As I've been in all day and done nothing I do feel a bit better. Am taking cough medicine, cold and flu tablets and anything else that will help, hopefully now have the weekend to feel better, fingers crossed. I think there is something going around because when I went in the post office and the bank the other day people told me that staff had gone home as they weren't well too. I just hope hope I haven't passed it on as it's not very pleasant. I'm hoping hubby won't get the lurgy either. A nice sunny day outside but I'm just sitting in and watching some tv, but it's all a bit boring after a while. I feel I should be hovering but want to do as little as poss to be better for Monday. Hope all of you peeps are in tip top health and keep away from anyone with a sore throat or a cough or the sniffles, Linda x

Monday, 8 August 2011

Got a sore throat today

Hi all, today is Monday and I have a sore throat, can't stop working though. When I took Saffron over the field today I could hear Poppy barking AND howling so I took Saffy on a slightly shorter walk. I'll take her out in a minute and go the longer way round to make up for it.Received some Tesco point vouchers today so I'm going to double them and get dog bits and pieces. Feel a bit of a headache coming on so may take a tablet, take Saffy out and maybe have an early night, hope I'm not coming down with anything. Poor old Pops still under house arrest and not happy about it at all.Thought I'd just do a very quick blog to let anyone who may read this know that I'm still alive and kicking. Bye for now, off for that tablet, Linda x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wednesday 3rd Aug

Hello all you peeps in blogland. Poor old Poppy is still at the bleeding stage but she is also standing, how confusing for her. Last Saturday I invited my aunt and her hubby to come to us for a surprise for Mike and mum and I kept the whole thing a secret until about an hour before when he phoned to say they were stuck in traffic and would be late and I mentioned his name, poor souls took them over 3hrs to get here but 1 hr 10 mins to get home. A nice time was had by all. As the weather was nice we were flitting from house to summerhouse, all very civilised. We took my aunt to see mums place and she thought how nice it was and how cosy mum had made it. This heat is way toooooooo much for me. When it's like this I'm pleased to be working and sitting in the car with the climate control on, lovely. I was so hot the other evening I sat in the car until I'd cooled down. On Sunday I gave Saffy a bath and took a lot of her coat out as she is suffering at the moment. Her favourite place is in the porch where we have got stone type tiles on the floor so they keep her cool. Saffy is only going out early in the morning and after 7pm when the heat has died down a bit, "The Pops" is still under house arrest and I'd like to give her a bath when the bleeding stops. Picked up a couple more customers in the last week or 2 so that's good news. Bye for now, Linda x