Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 1 July 2011


Hi all, I thought I must write this while it's just happened. Don't know if I've mentioned that Poppy can open the conservatory door but she can. and lets herself into the garden. Anyway I'm in the lounge having my breaky watching Desperate Housewives and when it's finished I take my tray out to the kitchen then I was going to get ready. As I'm going to the kitchen I notice Saffy in the garden and I thought my God I've left her out there all that time, only I didn't let the girls out hubby did when he got up. I then think Poppy has done it. I go in the garden and they are both chewing lovely big sticks, something I never let them do and when I get closer to the back gate notice the dog mess bags are all torn up and there is no mess inside, Saffron has eaten it. I phoned hubby and told him what had happened, so that's the last time the back door will be left unlocked, that's for sure. Saffron will smell lovely later if she burbs near anyone. I can't believe that happened. I've put some disinfectant over the patio as it's got bits of dog mess over it and I'll give it a scrub later when I'm dressed. Anyway, thought I'd share, have a lovely day all and later I'll be watching the tennis, Linda x

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  1. I don't have dogs but remember seeing this on 'The Dog Whisperer' a couple of times and he said it isn't uncommon. Just gross!!

    Hopefully she will decide that sticks are much nicer to chew on in future!

    Ali x