Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Hello all. Today is Wednesday and tomorrow is hubbies birthday so after I've finished my one lesson at 10 o clock I'll take him into town for a pizza. I've put in a picture of Poppy in the conservatory looking into the garden. At the moment she isn't a happy bunny as she is under house arrest as I mentioned before but maybe she will put on a couple of pounds as she can't burn all her energy off. I'm having to go round the house with my scrubbing brush and salt water after her and wiping the non carpet floors to get the blood off, so far so good. I've actually sent for some doggy diapers for this problem but they may get here when it's all over, have to see. I'll get her spayed sometime in the future so she doesn't have this again. Picked up a bit more work so that's good news, could still do with more work though. Bye for now, Linda x

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  1. Aw, bless little Poppy's heart - I could almost feel the yearning in the photo of her looking out into the garden!

    Happy Birthday to your OH tomorrow - hope you have a great time.

    Ali x