Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Hi all, loving the tennis. It's great that there is a roof on now so there will always be play going on, FAB. I've finally painted the radiator covers and I did the undercoat on the front door but not done anything else yet because of the weather, I want a forecast giving me a day where NO rain is predicted. Poppy seems to be growing as she looks taller to me. Tonight she was a bit naughty & ran into some smelly water when I told her no. She got called back, put on her lead and made to stay on it for a while. When I took it off I made her do some sits, downs, waits and now I'm trying heel work. When she had been a good girl for a while I let her play again. What Poppy must learn is " mummy is she who must be obeyed "
I've finally written my book but couldn't format it so I've paid someone else to do it for me but there is a problem with the pictures, never mind I hope we'll get there in the end, I'll let you know when it's finally out there and I can say " I'm a published author". Next step would be for someone to buy it, still one step at a time :)
Managed to get the grass cut on the weekend between the showers that never came, could have painted my door.
Bye for now, Linda x

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