Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Hi all, mum had her fete yesterday and thankfully the weather was lovely and their stall took over £300 which was great. It's a shame about the weather today as the Surrey Ambulance people have a fete or open day and it's been raining here all morning, mind you it might be different a few miles away. Yesterday I took Saffy over the field then came back for Poppy as I wanted to go on a longer walk with her and about 1/2 round the heavens opened. We stood under a tree for a while when the rain eased a bit then it started again. I only had a t shirt and a short sleeved top over that & we were soaked. Poppy didn't seem too pleased so I phoned hubby up to come and get us. By the time he arrived and we got home the sun was shining again, I was a bit miffed. Poppy was off her food a bit yesterday so I was trying to get something down her about 10pm last night. This morning she was eating better, she's so slim she really can't afford to miss meals. If this keeps up I'l have to change her food. Watched some tennis yesterday and at 12, about 7mins time I'll be watching the final. Only a week until Wimbledon, can't wait. Bye for now, keep dry, keep happy, Linda x

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