Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How did it happen ???

Hi all. I can't believe what I saw on the net earlier about the policeman who left his dogs to die in a car on Sunday which was one of our hottest days of the year. There has been some more news on this story but I can't believe I read about this again. Not so long ago the same thing happened and I believe that person was prosecuted by the RSPCA. If you believe what was written the car wasn't even ventilated. How many times do you see it displayed in car parks about not leaving children and animals in vehicles in hot weather. I'm so upset by this I can't believe a policeman could let this happen. I won't say more as I'm so angry and upset. What I will say, on a different subject though, I painted my front door earlier and then the heavens opened, full thunderstorm and lightening, what more can I say, Linda x

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Guess what I did today ???

Well I finally got round to giving my front door it's first coat of proper paint. It's been really hot here and I took the girls out, cooked a full english for hubbies breakfast, did a wash, did painting, cooked roast beef for him too and then cut the grass, been busy today. I was fine in the kitchen with the oven on even though it was very hot but when I cut the grass at 5pm I was over heated. Took the girls out about 7.30pm and it was a bit cooler for them. Knew I'd get a fair bit done today as there wasn't any tennis. It's now 8.30pm and just having a hot choc the might watch a bit of tv. Not too busy this week work wise so lots of tennis to watch and if the weather is ok I'l be able to sand down my front door then give it another coat. I want to have a go at loading my book onto Amazon but that may be a bit of a challenge, have to see. Linda x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Hi all, loving the tennis. It's great that there is a roof on now so there will always be play going on, FAB. I've finally painted the radiator covers and I did the undercoat on the front door but not done anything else yet because of the weather, I want a forecast giving me a day where NO rain is predicted. Poppy seems to be growing as she looks taller to me. Tonight she was a bit naughty & ran into some smelly water when I told her no. She got called back, put on her lead and made to stay on it for a while. When I took it off I made her do some sits, downs, waits and now I'm trying heel work. When she had been a good girl for a while I let her play again. What Poppy must learn is " mummy is she who must be obeyed "
I've finally written my book but couldn't format it so I've paid someone else to do it for me but there is a problem with the pictures, never mind I hope we'll get there in the end, I'll let you know when it's finally out there and I can say " I'm a published author". Next step would be for someone to buy it, still one step at a time :)
Managed to get the grass cut on the weekend between the showers that never came, could have painted my door.
Bye for now, Linda x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Painting again

Evening all. Not been working today so got busy with the paint brush again. Painted the lounge radiator covers that have needed painting for about 5 yrs, did I just admit to that :)
After that I got busy with the front door. I believe the weather isn't going to be great now so not sure when the front door will see the proper top coats of colour, I only painted everything in an undercoat today. Poppy doesn't seem to be eating very well these last couple of days so she finally had her evening meal about 9pm while I had the dog bowl on my lap. Tomorrow after my last lesson I'll pop to the shops and get a different puppy food for her and see if that helps. Managed to get a fair bit of tennis watched over the weekend and had to tape the Queens final yesterday and watched it yesterday evening . Managed to watch some today too. Wimbledon starts next week, can't wait and have already booked the final friday and the Monday incase it runs over off as I usually sit glued to the tv for the semis and finals. Poor hubby is really suffering from hay fever with a terrible chesty cough and sniffs and runny eyes. When I took the girls out today I came back with the runny nose as I get a bit of hay fever but not much, so before I go out in the morning I'll have a bit of nasal spray, sorry if that was too much info. Bye for now, Linda x

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Hi all, mum had her fete yesterday and thankfully the weather was lovely and their stall took over £300 which was great. It's a shame about the weather today as the Surrey Ambulance people have a fete or open day and it's been raining here all morning, mind you it might be different a few miles away. Yesterday I took Saffy over the field then came back for Poppy as I wanted to go on a longer walk with her and about 1/2 round the heavens opened. We stood under a tree for a while when the rain eased a bit then it started again. I only had a t shirt and a short sleeved top over that & we were soaked. Poppy didn't seem too pleased so I phoned hubby up to come and get us. By the time he arrived and we got home the sun was shining again, I was a bit miffed. Poppy was off her food a bit yesterday so I was trying to get something down her about 10pm last night. This morning she was eating better, she's so slim she really can't afford to miss meals. If this keeps up I'l have to change her food. Watched some tennis yesterday and at 12, about 7mins time I'll be watching the final. Only a week until Wimbledon, can't wait. Bye for now, keep dry, keep happy, Linda x

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Today Sunday

Hi all, decided I must get back to my exercise so today I took Saffy over the field for a walk then came back for Poppy and we went on a nice 50 min walk. It started spitting while we were out but nothing really came of it. Painted the toilet ceiling the other day when I said I would so that's another job out of the way. I'm waiting for a few photos from a friend then I can probably try and get my book organised. I was busy finding my pictures yesterday and putting them together in the same place as I think this needs to be done when going to publish. It's quite dull here but that's fine with me. Been busy doing lots of cook ups in my crock pot that mum gave me, great thing that it is. Yesterday I cooked beef casserole, then pork loin, today I'm cooking chicken for the girls then tonight I'll cook chicken for hubby. I used to do a lot of cook ups and have my big oven on but now I'm using my slow cook and it must save so much electricity and money. I think I'll sign off now and go and make a nice cup of tea, my fave. Enjoy your day, Linda x

Thursday, 2 June 2011

2nd June

Hi all, it's been a warm one here. I went to the fair on Monday but didn't do well as people weren't coming through the door very much. I don't think Saffy likes this heat much as she spends a lot of time between the front door and the porch and you can see her coat blowing in the draft under the door. Poppy is still running around like a mad dog, nothing is going to stop her, heat or no heat. Finally finished painting the bedroom and we moved back in last sunday but we are leaving lots of bits in the back bedroom so we have more room to spread. Mum is having a lovely time where she is now, she hardly ever seems to be in. The place where she lives is having a stall at the local fete next week so mum was here earlier picking up some of her last bits and pieces to see if anything is suitable. Not really doing much gardening as I've been painting. My next job is on a smaller scale, painting the toilet ceiling. Hubby has made the radiator covers for the lounge so I have to paint them too. I want to paint the front door but I want to try and get my book published and "out there". I'm setting myself a day to try and get this done as I don't think it will be easy. You have to format it a certain way for different electronic readers, makes me break out in a sweat just thinking about it, fingers crossed. Work isn't very busy at the moment and the last 4 out of 5 pupils passed first time, I could do with a few replacements.Bye for now, enjoy your weekends, Linda x