Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lovely day yesterday

Hi all, like quite a few people, I dipped in and out of the wedding but actually taped most of it as we are in the middle of decorating. Last weekend and this I've been busy painting the landing, hallway stairs and all the pesky spindles and banisters.Today painted 6 door frames with the undercoat after doing the sanding down and tomorrow after a light bit of sanding will give them a coat of the colour paint. As I've finished the stairs hubby has laid the stair carpet and very soft and squishy underfoot it is too,lovely. Not really got time to do gardening but I did manage a bit of chipping and chopping so I could put my gardening recycling out this morning for collection. Hopefully if I've finished the frames by Monday we will be up to speed and have hall carpet and landing carpet too. I must admit I was getting a bit sick of coming home and seeing the place looking bad. When we've done this job we are moving onto the bedroom which has no carpet at the moment and it looks a real mess. I've got the ceiling, skirting boards then the wardrobes to paint, can't wait (not). It's a never ending job keeping the house tidy, wish I could afford to pay someone to do it really, but saying that when it's all done there is the satisfaction of saying we did it. Hope everyone had a lovely Easter and we were so lucky with the weather. Enjoy the rest of this holiday, Linda x

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