Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 25 February 2011

Hello all

Hello to all you lovely peeps out there in blogland. I went swimming today and now I'm up to 40 mins again, still got more to do though. We were at mums today taking some stuff over and unpacking. After we'd done a bit of work mum treated us to lunch, very tasty. Mum got the keys on Tuesday but can't move in yet until the carpet arrives and we don't know when that is for the minute. Today she ordered a fridge freezer, so it's all coming together nicely. When mum went over on Tuesday she had to go by bus and it took about 1 1/2 hrs as she has to go to Guildford bus station then another bus to Milford. When we shoot over in the car it takes about 12 to 15 mins, a bit of a difference. I had 2 tests this week, 1 pass first time and the other person failed, her first attempt. It was a lovely day yesterday as the sun shone and the temp was about 12 degrees, positively summer in my books. Today wasn't bad but no sun. Everybody is fine and Poppy is almost as tall as Saffron now, soon she'll be overtaking her. Poppy can be a bit of a bully as she launches herself at Saffron and Saffy just takes it. Hope to have a lie in tomorrow as I'm worn out. I think I could stay in bed for a good 1/2 day but can't do that as the girls wouldn't be impressed. I'll see if I can get a couple of pictures of the girls and put on here. It's 21.25 and I'm just waiting for a wash to finish then I think it will be blanket on, girls out and bed. I was up at 6.49 this morning so I could be at the pool for 7.30. Bye for now, love Linda x

Friday, 18 February 2011

today Friday 18th Feb

Evening all. This morning I was in the pool for 7.30am, mind you not happy at getting up so early. Swam for 40 mins and tried having a go at the front crawl breathing alternate sides, if that makes sense to anyone. Found it a real struggle to take the breath on my right but I did persevere and managed to get quite a few lengths done. My fitness level must be coming up again as I can now do 1 length breast stroke and 1 crawl for the time I'm in the pool. After my swim came home for a cuppa and got back to the leisure centre for 10am and my gym induction. All ok there. I don't do bikes or stepping as it sets my back off and as long as I run short times as I do anyway my back seems fine (fingers crossed). You save quite a bit of money and there is a long time during the day that I can use the gym cheaper, which is great. The spa looked great. Hope to have a go at that soon but I'm busy next week. The 3 of us went looking at carpets today and have the carpet fitter going to mums new place tomorrow. Mum picked a carpet but now isn't sure about the colour so we are going back in the morning to have another look before ordering and paying any monies out. Mum also looked at fridge freezers but I zone out quite quickly at these sort of things. Could just do with a nice win on the lotto but I won't hold my breath. We have some daffs, hyacinths and tulips all ready to burst into flower soon so that will be nice. The grass is a bit manky at the moment due to the wet weather and the girls going mad on it so hopefully when it dries up a bit the garden will look better. I'll be glad of a lie in tomorrow as I'm feeling really tired now. Just waiting for a wash to finish then hopefully off to bed. Hope everyone out there in blogland is fit and well. Take care, Linda x

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Change of plans

Hi all. Ok change of plans now. Mum won't be moving to the flat where we looked before but will be moving somewhere just a few roads away from where she used to live in Witley. It's a smaller place, but perfectly formed as the saying goes. Mum is close to her old friend and knows the area like the back of her hand. We were a bit worried that after the 6 months was up the person could double the rent or ask her to move out, so now she will be settled and can stay for as long as she wants. Mum will get the keys on Tuesday so it's all systems go now for looking at carpets and fridge freezers which we'll do tomorrow. I'm so excited for mum. I've told the girls that nana is moving out but they didn't seem to know what on earth I was talking about......that's dogs for you. I went swimming this morning and I'm in the groove again and tomorrow I've booked an induction at the gym so I'm stepping my fitness up a notch. I get the swimming and the gym and sauna if I want cheaper as a primetime member....there are a few advantages of being 50+. Hubby and I went on a dump run today, I don't know where it all comes from. I've made another couple of soaps that I'll put on here, I think there're cute but we'll see. Bye for now, take care and love to all, Linda x

Sunday, 13 February 2011

It's been a while

Hello, good evening and welcome. It has been a while judging by the date of the last post. Life goes on and all is fine and dandy here. The weather is rubbish at the moment and it's rained for a couple of days now. I'm finally back into the swimming groove, but I do struggle to get up at 7.15am on Thursday and 6.50am on a Friday especially if I'm not working. On Friday I swam for 40mins and felt good about it. I went swimming last Sunday but never again, it was so noisy and full of screaming children, the car park was full and it was a struggle to find a locker. When I go swimming on the Thurs and Friday it's so peaceful, it's lovely. As you know mum lives with us but she has decided to move out as she wants to be independent and have more of her own space. Last week mum and I went and looked at a flat and when we got home she found an earring had gone. It was a gold one that my dad had bought her and she was upset about it. 3 days later we went back to the flat for a second look and guess what was looking at me on the kitchen floor...........yes the earring. Mum said it must be an omen and dad must be looking down on her. Mum has decided to take the flat and will be renting for 6 months to begin with and then see what happens. Mum's been buying some furniture but still needs a fridge and freezer. I've been busy making soap and I smell pretty good at the moment as I can smell the fragrance oils in the air, lovely. I'm hoping to use the CP soap I made on the course a few weeks ago and the smell from that is divine. I'm working tomorrow but hubby has got a weeks holiday so I'm jealous. Bye for now, take care, Linda x