Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Thursday, 17 November 2011

hurt my head

Hi all.Firstly we took Saffy to the doggy docs yesterday as a lump she had has got bigger but the vet said we'll keep an eye on it. The day before yesterday I was emptying the dishwasher and had a kitchen cupboard open when my phone went as I had a text, I picked up my phone and caught the very corner edge of the cupboard on my head. It made my eyes water but was ok. At 4.15 the next morning I woke up with a blinder of a headache so took a couple of tablets and went back to bed. When I got up I still had a headache and my head throbbed but couldn't stop as I had a new customer and a test later in the day. I took more tablets as my head was still throbbing by 3pm, I phoned the doctor for advice to see if it was ok to be like this or should I take a trip to the hospital. The doctor said if I wasn't seeing double or being sick the hospital wouldn't take an X-ray and to keep taking the tablets. Anyway I had a bad head for the rest of yesterday and my head is still not quite right today but it is better. I can't believe I did this as I'm always telling hubby and mum to make sure cupboards are closed just incase someone bangs their head, that's justice for you. It's funny as I'm always saying when we are away, don't touch railings and things as you don't know what's been on them before and blow me down last year I had a touch of food poisoning and had to cancel a trip while we were away as I'd been sick in the night, what can I say. Hope everyone is ok out there in blogland, Linda x

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Saffy is fine now

Hi all, sorry for not writing sooner. With Saffy I thought I would try the "not going to the vet unless I have to route"
The day after she wasn't well she didn't have any food for 24 hours then only about 4 small meals of chicken and rice and the next day chicken and rice with dog food but with small portions to begin with then gradually back to normal. It takes a couple of days but after that she was fine and back to normal. It's a shame but thats what my old vet always said, starve for 24 hrs then bland food and little of it. Anyway, all in the past now and both girls are fine and dandy. It was mum's birthday on Monday so I picked her up from her place and she come over to me and I cooked a nice roast chicken dinner with all the trimmings for mum and hubby, a nice day was had by all. After my last lesson this afternoon I went to Sainsbury's and started spending our nectar points that we had been saving all year on our Christmas bits and pieces. It was great to get to the checkout and only pay 2p on a £44.82 shop. I had a coupon and lots of reward points. I think in total we had over £84 in rewards and closer to the time I'll get the turkey and veggies etc. I keep thinking about remembrance, poppy day 11.11.11 and feel really upset when I think about the people who gave their lives for the likes of the yobs that we have wondering around on the planet. It's all a bit closer to my heart now after visiting the WW1 graves last month, all so sad. The Menin Gate gets transformed into fields of poppies for the services that take place there. It's turned a bit colder now but I heard on the radio that it might be warming up again soon, how weird, Linda x

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Poor old Saffy

Poor old Saffy has an upset tim again. I heard her moaning ar 5.40 this morning and thought I'll let her out as I'm awake but I smelt mess. Anyway I let them out in the garden and when I came back upstairs I closed the bedroom door and put the lights on........a lot of small bits on the floor but in the back bedroom a nice pile of dogs mess. I cleaned up what I could with paper towels and carpet cleaner, by then hubby had got up so we had early breakfast. Hubby then decided it would be best if he vaxed the carpets as they are new so hopefully keep the stains and smell out. Poor Saffy. I was going to give her some chicken and rice late this evening but she has just come in from the garden again and tummy still not right, vets closed now so we will save that for tomorrow. I know the last time I took her down, the vet said the change in weather can sometimes upset them. I don't know how she picks these things up as she wears a muzzle when out because she eats everyones dogs mess. Sorry if there is too much info happening here. Let you know what happens and I hope she'll be ok overnight, Linda x

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Painting the bathroom door

Hi all, at last the end is in sight. I'm painting the final door. Today hubby took the bathroom door off and gave it a sanding down then I filled in some holes, sanded it down again and applied the first undercoat. Hopefully it won't take too long. I was going for a long walk today but it was that very fine rain and thought do Poppy and I want to get really was the answer. At least they both had a walk over the field earlier in the day. Looking forward to D/Abbey but will have to let it run for about an hour before I watch it as I can't stand all the adverts. Might go and do a bit of my cross stitch in a minute. I can hear the fireworks and so can Poppy who is sitting so very close to me at the moment. Bye for now, Linda x

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Lovely sunny day today

Hi all. I gave my cousin in Oz a ring today and she is missing family, friends and England and hasn't quite settled back home yet, mind you,saying that she was pleased to catch up with her cats and family and friends in Oz. Today I was on a mission to find the headstone of the wireless operator who went down with the Titanic, aged 25 and 1 day. I heard about him from mum as she mentioned there was a memorial of someone in Godalming that went down on the ship. This all came about while I was watching Downton Abbey as they mentioned people from the Carpathia ship went to the Titanics rescue. The operator was last heard sending a signal about 2.17 and the ship went down about 2.20, very sad. I've put a couple of pictures on here if anyone want to take a look. I want to visit the museum at Godalming when I have a bit of free time. The weather here today was lovely, sunny and warm, I went out and didn't even wear a coat. Poppy is still eating everything I put down for her, such a change and I'm so happy about it. Tomorrow there are fireworks going off a short distance away from us and I know she will be terrified, Saffy on the other hand would stand on the patio and just watch the pretty bright lights, they don't worry her at all. Going to take mum and another couple of people to Dorking on Monday as long as it's not pouring with rain, bye for now, Linda x

Thursday, 20 October 2011


Hi all, just a quick one as I'm between lessons. Poppy is eating, I'm not sure what went on at the kennels but she's off the fish and rice and is now eating very well and having 2 or 3 bowls of food. Ok I'm not filling the bowl to the brim but there's a fair bit in there. Went to bed yesterday at 3.30 pm as I felt rough for a couple of hrs, then got up and went back to bed about 8.30pm. Didn't sleep all the time but this morning I did feel better but now have a proper sore throat and am losing my voice. Got a lesson shortly have to see how the voice goes, may have to cancel my last lesson as I need to talk as the pupil is fairly new so needs instruction, Linda x

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

WW1 graves pictures

Hi all, there are a few pictures of the WW1 graves. The headstones go on for quite a way and there are 3 sorts. One where it just says a soldier of the great war, another when the regiment has been identified but not the person and the 3rd is where they have all the info. It is a very moving place. It was where a great deal of fighting went on in a very small area, they believe there are lots more bodies to be found. There is a wall that has thousands of names on with missing soldiers still unaccounted for. In the local town there is another huge monument known as the Menin Gate with more names around the whole structure, again very sad. It makes you wonder what war is all about and why have all those thousands of wasted lives. The picture showing the 7 headstones close together is where 27 soldiers were buried in a shell hole, it was done at night as it had to be in the cover of darkness otherwise they would have been killed by snipers. On a lighter note, POPPY IS EATING, hurra. Today after finishing off the fish and rice between them they have had a bit more rice, dog biscuit, dog food and a bit of chicken, they have had 3 small meals and I had 2 very clean dishes. ATM I've got a blinder of a headache and a funny throat, wouldn't surprise me if I'm coming down with what hubby has had and still has, Linda x

Monday, 17 October 2011

Just back from Belgium

Hi all, really quick as I'll post more tomorrow. We are just back from a 2 night cruise to Belgium and we visited the WW1 wargraves at Ypres, really sad and it made me think what a waste of life. Caught up with D/Abbey and at the begining there is a scene of the men going over the top of the trenches, where we visited a museum there is a mock up of the trenches and how life was for the men, I'll post some pictures next blog. We visited the graves and they are perfect but so many died and so many named as missing on the walls around the place. More tomorrow as I'm so tired and must get to bed. If anyone is interested do a search and have a look about what went on, Linda x

Friday, 14 October 2011

Friday 14th Oct

Hi all, still no toilet door but I have been busy undercoating and painting and it should be back in a couple of days. I was so worried about Poppy not eating we took her to the doggy docs a couple of days ago. The vet said as she wasn't presenting with any problems and she runs around over the field, she just eats enough to keep her going. He said he looks very good and lean and is a fine figure of a racy type dog. I felt so pleased after that I had a packet of crisps and a pizza to celebrate. I can't remember the last time she actually had a bowl of food and for the last couple of days she's eaten about 6 mouthfuls of dog food, a couple of denta sticks and a few gravy bones for returning after her walk and a jumbone or 2. I think we'll have to get her spayed then I know she'll eat as I had the same problem with Saffy not eating until she had her op now she's a bit to podgy. I don't know they are such a worry. She only had a denta stick this morning and I've been feeling a bit upset all day because of this. The vet said he could do a load of blood tests but he didn't think he needed to waste our money as she seemed fine. She's going back in a month to be weighed again and to see how she's going. I think that's it for now, from a bit of a worried Linda x

Monday, 10 October 2011

no toilet door

Hello all. Now my cousin has been and gone we are getting back to the painting of the doors. Hubby took the toilet door off yesterday and gave it an undercoat so today I've given it another sanding and have undercoated the other side. Not very happy about not having a toilet door but I suppose I'll get the painting done in double quick time. When either of us wants to use the toilet we tell each other so we know to stay where we are. Yesterday I made lots of bath salts and epsom salts, today been busy making bath bombs. Not too busy tomorrow so will paint the door again and maybe make more bath bombs. I think the house smells nice although hubby not too keen. Saffy is very pleased with her new found freedom when out walking, Poppy still doesn't eat well so yesterday I made her some meat paste on toast and she had 3 slices as she can do with the extra weight. Today I thought, great, I'm on to a winner and she ate about 4 squares that hubby hand fed her. She hasn't eaten her dinner but I'm not going to give it to her at 10 or 11 in the evening as I sometimes do as it's been put in the fridge, I'll give it to her for breakfast and see if she eats it then. I think if it goes on for much longer it will be a trip to the doggy docs. They both had a shoe chew today that they ate so I don't think it's her teeth or anything. I even changed her dog food when we went shopping on saturday and didn't put much biscuit in as I don't think she likes it. Saffy went through all this and that ended in a trip to the doggy docs but now she's been spayed she'll eat anything and everything, she's like a dustbin. When the vet saw Poppy last he said she was lean and seemed fine, have to see what happens, Linda x

Friday, 7 October 2011

Today Friday

Hello all. Well in a blink of an eye she's been and gone. I picked my cousin up on Monday 2.25 and by Wed @ 4.30 she was gone. We had a catch up on the Monday evening after popping to tesco for a couple of bits, Tues we went and saw my mum who my cousin hadn't seen for 32 years, after that we had a quick stop in Godalming. Wed morning after a very long chat we went to the grave of Lewis Carol then a very quick trip to Guildford where she looked at a few shops, we didn't really even get up the high st. After a quick cuppa off to Guildford St and back to Welwyn Garden City. Today after a catch up day to herself she's gone to Durham for the weekend before moving on to Leeds then I'm not sure. When she finally gets back to Oz I must find out how many people and how many different places she saw and visited. I only had 2 lessons yesterday so settled back into work very easy. Saffron is doing very well, she had her stitches out on Monday and is still confined to to the lead until Monday, I bet she'll be so relieved to get away from me, saying that she doesn't run around much, it's more of a plod. It was great having my cousin here it was almost like having a sister that I don't have. Poppy is on the not eating kick again as she's only just (19.15hrs) had her food for the day. She didn't eat her breaky so I take it up and put it down again in the evening. I do worry about her but the vet she was lean and seems good. Anyway, I'll sign off now as I'm going to make a nice cup of tea, Linda x

Saturday, 1 October 2011

pulled something yesterday

Hi all, yesterday as I was picking up Saffrons food bowl I felt something go. I believe I've pulled a muscle in my chest but I dosed up on ibuprofen, ralgex and anything else appropriate to keep the pain away. I only did a test (she passed) and a new pupil yesterday as I wanted to rest as much as I could. Saffy will be having her stitches out monday and my car has to do in as it's not running right. My cousin will be coming on Monday too so I will be busy. I'm taking mon, tues, and wed off incase we decide to go out, mind you I won't be out for long because of the girls. I can't believe how hot it's been today for the 1st of Oct, mind you I think it's back to normal next week. Must be away now as I need to get the girls out before it gets dark, Linda x

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Saffy been out

Hi all, just to let you know Saffron went on a walk yesterday and today but I've kept her on her lead. Everything seems good, the stitches are looking great and still in place. Today hubby and I went to see mum and she treated us to lunch as it's our 24th wedding anniversary tomorrow, very nice. I made soap when we got back from mums and it's all labelled and ready to be put away. Must get on with some ironing in a minute. I can't believe how warm it is ATM. I think I read it might touch the 80 degree mark this week, will have to wait and see. Think that's me done, Linda x

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Hi all, just a quick note to let you know Saffron is doing really well after her op. I've hardly seen her licking her leg or her elbow where the stitches are. I think she's a bit fed up of staying in but I might take her out on a lead walk on the weekend, depending on the weather that is. Hope all is well in blogland, Linda x

Monday, 19 September 2011

Today 19th Sept

Hello there everyone. Saffy had her little op done today. I took her down the doggy docs about 9.15 and I left her about 9.40. I came home and took Poppy over the field and when I got back Saffy was ready to be taken home. The lump was taken off under local anaesthetic and she has about 3 stitches. There is no medicine for her and she needs to stay in for a few days as the wound is right on the elbow which is quite awkward as it's a pressure point. The stitches have to stay in for 2 weeks. Yesterday I was busy making soap and really enjoyed myself. I received my dead sea salts today so over the next couple of weeks might make some bath salts. Been busy tidying up the mess from my soap making and doing some hovering. Not much else happened so nothing else to write about really. Must mention though my cousin is over here from Oz so should catch up with her soon as she'll be staying for a few days. Linda x

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Saffy today

Hi all. I took Saffy down to the vets today as she was going to have a small lump removed from her elbow but she had the runs and brought up bile. While the vet was going over her before taking her in for her op he could hear her tummy making terrible noises. We both agreed it wouldn't be great for her to be poked and prodded when she was under the weather so we have put the op back until next Monday. He plans to do it under local as she is so laid back, he thinks she'll be fine. I kept her in all day today apart from the trip to the doggy dogs but she wasn't happy. After the vets I went over & picked mum up and we had a trip to Tesco and then home for lunch. I bought some chicken for Saffy and after I'd cooked some rice for her as well she had a tiny bit of chicken and rice after not eating for 24 hrs, I'll give her another couple of spoonfuls before bed too. It's such a shame when pets are ill as they don't understand what we're trying to do for them. Poppy is full of beans and enjoyed her walk, just the 2 of us. I'm off again tomorrow so it's back to the painting of the magic doors, I'm getting bit fed up of them now. Linda x

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Back from a short break

Hi all. Came back from our 5 night cruise yesterday, had a lovely time. Went to Belgium, Holland, France and Guernsey. Visited the Delft factory in Holland, The Hague, Ghent, Honfleur, such a pretty place and Guernsey. Never been to the last place and it was lovely and had really lovely weather. We went to the underground hospital but it was really a shell unlike the one in Jersey. Lots of history on Guernsey because of the war. I'd like to visit there again. The ship was the new Queen Elizabeth that has now replaced the old QE2, lovely ship and funnily enough it was on Watchdog the other night about the way tipping is done onboard. Poppy and Saffy were super pleased to see us when we picked them up yesterday morning after we arrived back. Poor old Saffron had to wear a lampshade to stop her getting to her leg and when we first arrived she was rushing in and out of the kennel banging her collar on the side of the walls. I took them straight over the field for a nice long walk which they seemed to enjoy, can't think why. On board the Q Elizabeth they have a pizza station where you can have fresh pizzas to order, I must admit to having 3 or 4 while I was onboard. Came back yesterday and found out the recycling hadn't gone because of the bank holiday so was busy doing some gardening and cutting the grass so I could put the clippings out today, just managed to finish about 7.30 pm just before it got dark. Been up the back today and have been painting the door again. Can't afford to slack now as my cousin from Oz will be visiting soon and I would like to have matching doors upstairs. Back to reality today as I did 4 washes. Got 3 on the line and didn't bother to put the last lot out as they are shirts and won't take long to dry indoors in the spare bedroom, ironing tomorrow. Bye for now, lovely day here, Linda x

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Poor old Pops

Hi all, Poppy was watching me eat my toast this morning and I noticed her right eye wasn't right. Anyway we're just back from the doggy docs again, and he remembered us. She has conjunctivitis and is sporting an almost fluorescent orange eye. He said he has met the whole family now :)
No tears from me but Poppy wasn't impressed with the eye examination. Eye drops all in for now and hopefully all better within 5 days. Linda x

Monday, 22 August 2011

Just met the new vet & he made me cry

Hi all. Our old vet retired in April and although we've been to the practice we hadn't met the new vet. Anyway we needed to take Saffy for her booster and we saw the new vet, nice chap. We were having a general chat and Saffy has been on steroids for years as she chews her feet and now she has developed lick granuloma when he said he would need to take her leg off.........................I'm afraid that's all I really heard then I welled up and started to sniff and cry. What he was trying to say was separate her leg from her body for about a year to break the cycle of the licking. He realised he'd upset me and said he was sorry but I said I'd had 4 of my girls put to sleep in the vets and even though it was over 9 years or so I still cry and get very upset at the thought of it. I've got creams for her leg and elbow and in the next week or 2 she has got to have a lump removed from her elbow. They will be going to prison (kennels) soon for a few days and while Saffy is there she will wear a lampshade, that's magic as we won't see it and won't have to see the pleading eyes. Poppy today was in my bad books. I was out for 2 hrs and when I came back she had chewed a corner off a sequin bag I had treated myself to and only used it about twice, mummy was not pleased with her. Anyway, that's the saga for now. I'm off now to put Saffys cream on. Linda x

Sunday, 21 August 2011

It's Sunday again

Hi all, can't believe it's been a week. I still felt a bit weird a couple of days last week and had another couple of early nights. Thursday I think I went to bed about 7.15, very strange. Poppy is now fully out of season and full of the joys of spring and racing around in full flow, ahh bless. I managed to get a bit more undercoating done today and I mustn't stop now, got to keep going as I still have 2 complete doors to do not counting the one up the back now. It has turned out a really lovely day and quite warm too. Shortly as we have all been fed and watered I will make a start on my ironing, all exciting stuff I know. Starting to think about crimbo presses now as I do like to plan ahead. We have all been saving our Sains points and have about £58 towards the crimbo shop which means we won't have to dip into our pockets when the time comes. Last year I got so much food in you would think I was feeding an army not 3 plus the 2 girls, I won't be making the same mistake this year. After a big dinner nobody really wants to eat much, maybe just a sandwich and a cuppa. I usually end up throwing the cakes and various bits I don't want the girls to eat out for the birds, this year I will be a bit more careful. Anyway, no more of the c word. Can't think of anymore news, Linda x

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sunday 21.16

Evening all. Did nothing Friday except get a bit bored watching the tv most of the day but Saturday I did feel better. Went shopping and gave Poppy a bath and hubby and I did take her and Saffron over the field. Poppy did have vick on her bottom and she was kept on her lead but we didn't meet anyone. Today Poppy went out again, with vick and her lead on but again we didn't meet any dogs so I don't know if any dogs will sniff around her. I might let her off her lead in a couple of days time. It was pretty warm today here. it looked like rain but it never happened. I went up the summerhouse to sand a door down but felt too weary so in the end I just filled in a few holes so when I have the time I must get back to my painting. My cousin from Australia will be visiting in a couple of months for a few days so looking forward to that. Poop soul she will probably need a holiday when she gets back as she's planning to do a lot in the couple of months she's away. No more news really so I'll sign off and go and do my nails ready for work in the morning, Linda x

Friday, 12 August 2011

not well this week

Hi all and following on from monday, not been a good week. I still had a really sore throat on Tues so had to cancel my lessons. Wednesday felt a bit better but a cold had started so dosed up with loads of stuff, but did 3 hrs work. Yesterday felt really bad and as the saying goes, felt like death warmed up, so had to cancel lessons again and felt so tired I went to bed at 5.20 in the afternoon. I thought I'd better cancel lessons for today ( friday) and be done with it so hopefully now will recover and be done with it. I've certainly had lots of early night this weeks ranging from 8.15pm to 5.20 the other night. The only thing with being in bed for so long it makes my back ache. As I've been in all day and done nothing I do feel a bit better. Am taking cough medicine, cold and flu tablets and anything else that will help, hopefully now have the weekend to feel better, fingers crossed. I think there is something going around because when I went in the post office and the bank the other day people told me that staff had gone home as they weren't well too. I just hope hope I haven't passed it on as it's not very pleasant. I'm hoping hubby won't get the lurgy either. A nice sunny day outside but I'm just sitting in and watching some tv, but it's all a bit boring after a while. I feel I should be hovering but want to do as little as poss to be better for Monday. Hope all of you peeps are in tip top health and keep away from anyone with a sore throat or a cough or the sniffles, Linda x

Monday, 8 August 2011

Got a sore throat today

Hi all, today is Monday and I have a sore throat, can't stop working though. When I took Saffron over the field today I could hear Poppy barking AND howling so I took Saffy on a slightly shorter walk. I'll take her out in a minute and go the longer way round to make up for it.Received some Tesco point vouchers today so I'm going to double them and get dog bits and pieces. Feel a bit of a headache coming on so may take a tablet, take Saffy out and maybe have an early night, hope I'm not coming down with anything. Poor old Pops still under house arrest and not happy about it at all.Thought I'd just do a very quick blog to let anyone who may read this know that I'm still alive and kicking. Bye for now, off for that tablet, Linda x

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Wednesday 3rd Aug

Hello all you peeps in blogland. Poor old Poppy is still at the bleeding stage but she is also standing, how confusing for her. Last Saturday I invited my aunt and her hubby to come to us for a surprise for Mike and mum and I kept the whole thing a secret until about an hour before when he phoned to say they were stuck in traffic and would be late and I mentioned his name, poor souls took them over 3hrs to get here but 1 hr 10 mins to get home. A nice time was had by all. As the weather was nice we were flitting from house to summerhouse, all very civilised. We took my aunt to see mums place and she thought how nice it was and how cosy mum had made it. This heat is way toooooooo much for me. When it's like this I'm pleased to be working and sitting in the car with the climate control on, lovely. I was so hot the other evening I sat in the car until I'd cooled down. On Sunday I gave Saffy a bath and took a lot of her coat out as she is suffering at the moment. Her favourite place is in the porch where we have got stone type tiles on the floor so they keep her cool. Saffy is only going out early in the morning and after 7pm when the heat has died down a bit, "The Pops" is still under house arrest and I'd like to give her a bath when the bleeding stops. Picked up a couple more customers in the last week or 2 so that's good news. Bye for now, Linda x

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Hello all. Today is Wednesday and tomorrow is hubbies birthday so after I've finished my one lesson at 10 o clock I'll take him into town for a pizza. I've put in a picture of Poppy in the conservatory looking into the garden. At the moment she isn't a happy bunny as she is under house arrest as I mentioned before but maybe she will put on a couple of pounds as she can't burn all her energy off. I'm having to go round the house with my scrubbing brush and salt water after her and wiping the non carpet floors to get the blood off, so far so good. I've actually sent for some doggy diapers for this problem but they may get here when it's all over, have to see. I'll get her spayed sometime in the future so she doesn't have this again. Picked up a bit more work so that's good news, could still do with more work though. Bye for now, Linda x

Friday, 22 July 2011

Poor old Poppy

Hi all, poor old Poppy has come into season, so she is under house arrest for 3 to 4 weeks. I took Saffron out today and luckily hubby was here and he said Poppy went mad running up and down the stairs crying and getting upset. I'll get her spayed next year so she doesn't have to deal with this again. The thing is too, I've lost my longer walking buddy :)
I managed to get the jungle cut today and give the door another paint, hopefully over the weekend I might get door number 2 finished. Hubby and I went to see mum today and we went out for a bite to eat, very nice. Hubby put mums blinds up so now she has 3 that match. Been very warm today but the sky went so black as I was cutting the grass I was a bit worried I might electrocute myself :)
Bye for now, Linda x

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Today Sunday 17th July

Hi all and a good afternoon to everyone. Yesterday and today I've been painting.I don't know if I actually mentioned what I'm painting at the moment so I thought I'd let you know. We live in a 1930s semi and the doors upstairs are heavy and have a panel almost covering the whole door so when we decorated I said to hubby it might be nice to see what's underneath. He took the panels off to reveal the original doors with 4 panels. There is a big one at the top and 3 smaller panels going vertical, hope that makes sense. The doors aren't in the best shape but they do look nice. I've been painting the 2nd one but they will all need 2 or 3 coats and we have just taken the 3rd one off the hinges for hubby to start sanding down. I'm doing the painting in the summerhouse so it doesn't matter on the weather. In Guildford ATM we have the Guilfest on and it's a shame as it's been raining on and off all day yesterday and today. Stoke park turns into tent city over the weekend, such a shame for the campers. In case you don't know Guilfest is a music festival. Saying that, I hope I spelt it correctly. The house is looking nice now as we are keeping it tidier and it's been freshened up. I won't be cutting the grass which was a job for the weekend, but hey ho.Linda x

Friday, 8 July 2011


Hi all. Had a near miss today as I almost ran Poppy over. We had come in from our walk and I thought I'd get my car out of the garage ready for lessons later and Poppy was in the conservatory but she let herself out and I'd left the back gate open. It was only because I keep looking in the mirror that I saw her behind the car, my God. I will take a lot more care from now on. If I'm doing something in the garden and I don't want her out I do lock the door, but never gave it a thought this time, Linda x

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Went to a garden party today

Hello to one and all. Today mum and I went to a garden party hosted by The Mayor & Mayoress of Waverley at Charterhouse school. We arrived @ 2.30 and had tea, sandwiches and cakes and we stayed for about an hour. It was very pleasant as I haven't been to one before. I've been to the school before as I've had a couple of pupils from there. The buildings and grounds are fab, if you get the chance to have a look online, take a peek. The reason mum was invited was because of when she volunteered to help with the stall at the village fete I mentioned before and I was the +1
I have also managed to get my ebook (kindle version) on Amazon, so now I would like a sale, fingers and everything crossed.
Sorry for the plug but I'm a happy bunny.
Linda x

Monday, 4 July 2011

Wimbledon over, sad

Hi all, well it's over now. I'm pleased with the outcome as I wanted both of them to win. Once Roger had gone out the winner was my next choice, did you see what I did there, (don't think I can spell his name). Today I've not been working so it gave me time to get some housework done, hurra. Rain is forecast for the next day or 2, suits me as it's been too hot for me. Hubby took another bedroom door off so I've got sanding and painting to do. My front door is finished but I've got to do a bit more scraping of paint to get off, hope that makes sense. I will be working tomorrow but just for 3 hours. I could do with a few more pupils as I lost about 5 when they all passed 1st time. Don't think there is any more news at the moment, so I'll sign off, Linda x

Friday, 1 July 2011


Hi all, I thought I must write this while it's just happened. Don't know if I've mentioned that Poppy can open the conservatory door but she can. and lets herself into the garden. Anyway I'm in the lounge having my breaky watching Desperate Housewives and when it's finished I take my tray out to the kitchen then I was going to get ready. As I'm going to the kitchen I notice Saffy in the garden and I thought my God I've left her out there all that time, only I didn't let the girls out hubby did when he got up. I then think Poppy has done it. I go in the garden and they are both chewing lovely big sticks, something I never let them do and when I get closer to the back gate notice the dog mess bags are all torn up and there is no mess inside, Saffron has eaten it. I phoned hubby and told him what had happened, so that's the last time the back door will be left unlocked, that's for sure. Saffron will smell lovely later if she burbs near anyone. I can't believe that happened. I've put some disinfectant over the patio as it's got bits of dog mess over it and I'll give it a scrub later when I'm dressed. Anyway, thought I'd share, have a lovely day all and later I'll be watching the tennis, Linda x

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

How did it happen ???

Hi all. I can't believe what I saw on the net earlier about the policeman who left his dogs to die in a car on Sunday which was one of our hottest days of the year. There has been some more news on this story but I can't believe I read about this again. Not so long ago the same thing happened and I believe that person was prosecuted by the RSPCA. If you believe what was written the car wasn't even ventilated. How many times do you see it displayed in car parks about not leaving children and animals in vehicles in hot weather. I'm so upset by this I can't believe a policeman could let this happen. I won't say more as I'm so angry and upset. What I will say, on a different subject though, I painted my front door earlier and then the heavens opened, full thunderstorm and lightening, what more can I say, Linda x

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Guess what I did today ???

Well I finally got round to giving my front door it's first coat of proper paint. It's been really hot here and I took the girls out, cooked a full english for hubbies breakfast, did a wash, did painting, cooked roast beef for him too and then cut the grass, been busy today. I was fine in the kitchen with the oven on even though it was very hot but when I cut the grass at 5pm I was over heated. Took the girls out about 7.30pm and it was a bit cooler for them. Knew I'd get a fair bit done today as there wasn't any tennis. It's now 8.30pm and just having a hot choc the might watch a bit of tv. Not too busy this week work wise so lots of tennis to watch and if the weather is ok I'l be able to sand down my front door then give it another coat. I want to have a go at loading my book onto Amazon but that may be a bit of a challenge, have to see. Linda x

Tuesday, 21 June 2011


Hi all, loving the tennis. It's great that there is a roof on now so there will always be play going on, FAB. I've finally painted the radiator covers and I did the undercoat on the front door but not done anything else yet because of the weather, I want a forecast giving me a day where NO rain is predicted. Poppy seems to be growing as she looks taller to me. Tonight she was a bit naughty & ran into some smelly water when I told her no. She got called back, put on her lead and made to stay on it for a while. When I took it off I made her do some sits, downs, waits and now I'm trying heel work. When she had been a good girl for a while I let her play again. What Poppy must learn is " mummy is she who must be obeyed "
I've finally written my book but couldn't format it so I've paid someone else to do it for me but there is a problem with the pictures, never mind I hope we'll get there in the end, I'll let you know when it's finally out there and I can say " I'm a published author". Next step would be for someone to buy it, still one step at a time :)
Managed to get the grass cut on the weekend between the showers that never came, could have painted my door.
Bye for now, Linda x

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Painting again

Evening all. Not been working today so got busy with the paint brush again. Painted the lounge radiator covers that have needed painting for about 5 yrs, did I just admit to that :)
After that I got busy with the front door. I believe the weather isn't going to be great now so not sure when the front door will see the proper top coats of colour, I only painted everything in an undercoat today. Poppy doesn't seem to be eating very well these last couple of days so she finally had her evening meal about 9pm while I had the dog bowl on my lap. Tomorrow after my last lesson I'll pop to the shops and get a different puppy food for her and see if that helps. Managed to get a fair bit of tennis watched over the weekend and had to tape the Queens final yesterday and watched it yesterday evening . Managed to watch some today too. Wimbledon starts next week, can't wait and have already booked the final friday and the Monday incase it runs over off as I usually sit glued to the tv for the semis and finals. Poor hubby is really suffering from hay fever with a terrible chesty cough and sniffs and runny eyes. When I took the girls out today I came back with the runny nose as I get a bit of hay fever but not much, so before I go out in the morning I'll have a bit of nasal spray, sorry if that was too much info. Bye for now, Linda x

Sunday, 12 June 2011


Hi all, mum had her fete yesterday and thankfully the weather was lovely and their stall took over £300 which was great. It's a shame about the weather today as the Surrey Ambulance people have a fete or open day and it's been raining here all morning, mind you it might be different a few miles away. Yesterday I took Saffy over the field then came back for Poppy as I wanted to go on a longer walk with her and about 1/2 round the heavens opened. We stood under a tree for a while when the rain eased a bit then it started again. I only had a t shirt and a short sleeved top over that & we were soaked. Poppy didn't seem too pleased so I phoned hubby up to come and get us. By the time he arrived and we got home the sun was shining again, I was a bit miffed. Poppy was off her food a bit yesterday so I was trying to get something down her about 10pm last night. This morning she was eating better, she's so slim she really can't afford to miss meals. If this keeps up I'l have to change her food. Watched some tennis yesterday and at 12, about 7mins time I'll be watching the final. Only a week until Wimbledon, can't wait. Bye for now, keep dry, keep happy, Linda x

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Today Sunday

Hi all, decided I must get back to my exercise so today I took Saffy over the field for a walk then came back for Poppy and we went on a nice 50 min walk. It started spitting while we were out but nothing really came of it. Painted the toilet ceiling the other day when I said I would so that's another job out of the way. I'm waiting for a few photos from a friend then I can probably try and get my book organised. I was busy finding my pictures yesterday and putting them together in the same place as I think this needs to be done when going to publish. It's quite dull here but that's fine with me. Been busy doing lots of cook ups in my crock pot that mum gave me, great thing that it is. Yesterday I cooked beef casserole, then pork loin, today I'm cooking chicken for the girls then tonight I'll cook chicken for hubby. I used to do a lot of cook ups and have my big oven on but now I'm using my slow cook and it must save so much electricity and money. I think I'll sign off now and go and make a nice cup of tea, my fave. Enjoy your day, Linda x

Thursday, 2 June 2011

2nd June

Hi all, it's been a warm one here. I went to the fair on Monday but didn't do well as people weren't coming through the door very much. I don't think Saffy likes this heat much as she spends a lot of time between the front door and the porch and you can see her coat blowing in the draft under the door. Poppy is still running around like a mad dog, nothing is going to stop her, heat or no heat. Finally finished painting the bedroom and we moved back in last sunday but we are leaving lots of bits in the back bedroom so we have more room to spread. Mum is having a lovely time where she is now, she hardly ever seems to be in. The place where she lives is having a stall at the local fete next week so mum was here earlier picking up some of her last bits and pieces to see if anything is suitable. Not really doing much gardening as I've been painting. My next job is on a smaller scale, painting the toilet ceiling. Hubby has made the radiator covers for the lounge so I have to paint them too. I want to paint the front door but I want to try and get my book published and "out there". I'm setting myself a day to try and get this done as I don't think it will be easy. You have to format it a certain way for different electronic readers, makes me break out in a sweat just thinking about it, fingers crossed. Work isn't very busy at the moment and the last 4 out of 5 pupils passed first time, I could do with a few replacements.Bye for now, enjoy your weekends, Linda x

Friday, 13 May 2011

this is yesterdays blog, but it was offline.

Hi all, if there is anyone still out there. It's been such a long time but I'm still decorating. The hall, landing and stairs are now finished with all new carpets down and I have now been working on the bedroom. Today I gave the skirting boards their 2nd coat so they are finished. The ceiling has been painted so my next job is the wardrobes. I keep forgetting the inside of the door as well. I think once the door frame has been done hubby can put the carpet down and I can do the wardrobes while covering the carpet. Once the bedroom is done I'm going to paint the toilet ceiling, which will take all of about 10mins as it's a small room. Next job will be the lounge radiator covers which have never been finished. The last couple of days in between lessons I've been making bath salts, I love the smell they make but hubby can't stand the smell. Saffron and Poppy are fine and I've still got Poppy on 3 meals a day most of the time as she's still slim. She tears around over the field so I don't think she'll ever be fat, she just doesn't stand still for long enough. The grass needs a cut but I need to get the painting done first. Last Friday I was in a lot of pain with my back and hips so haven't been going swimming or fast walking as I reckon it was the fast walking on a slope, diagonal, that messed my back up. For the last few days I've only been going up or down hill and then across on the flat, touch wood no more pain. I'll be starting up with the walks and swims from Sunday, fingers crossed all will be well.
If anyone is around the Guildford area tomorrow there is an Artisan & Spa Fair in Normandy at the village hall from 10am until 2pm, Bye for now, Linda x

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lovely day yesterday

Hi all, like quite a few people, I dipped in and out of the wedding but actually taped most of it as we are in the middle of decorating. Last weekend and this I've been busy painting the landing, hallway stairs and all the pesky spindles and banisters.Today painted 6 door frames with the undercoat after doing the sanding down and tomorrow after a light bit of sanding will give them a coat of the colour paint. As I've finished the stairs hubby has laid the stair carpet and very soft and squishy underfoot it is too,lovely. Not really got time to do gardening but I did manage a bit of chipping and chopping so I could put my gardening recycling out this morning for collection. Hopefully if I've finished the frames by Monday we will be up to speed and have hall carpet and landing carpet too. I must admit I was getting a bit sick of coming home and seeing the place looking bad. When we've done this job we are moving onto the bedroom which has no carpet at the moment and it looks a real mess. I've got the ceiling, skirting boards then the wardrobes to paint, can't wait (not). It's a never ending job keeping the house tidy, wish I could afford to pay someone to do it really, but saying that when it's all done there is the satisfaction of saying we did it. Hope everyone had a lovely Easter and we were so lucky with the weather. Enjoy the rest of this holiday, Linda x

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Today Saturday

Hello anyone out there in blogland. Today I've been really busy sanding stairs and skirting boards and banisters. I managed to get the undercoat done but will be busy cooking tomorrow as mum will be coming to dinner so won't get a chance to paint tomorrow but hope to get a first coat done of the colour on Monday. We have a new carpet for the stairs and hallway plus the landing but I want to get my painting done first so I don't have to worry about being careful when I'm painting. The girls haven't liked going up and down the stairs without the carpet but we chopped up bits of the old one and put strips across the grippers to protect their feet. The place is a bit smelly at the moment even though the windows have been open all day. I need to cut the grass if I can in the morning as that's looking long and untidy too. Hope everyone has a lovely Easter and don't make yourselves ill with too much chocolate, Linda x

Thursday, 14 April 2011

Back from holiday

Hi all. Been away for 2 weeks on holiday. Went away with hubby and mum on a 2 week Mediterranean cruise. Visited Pompeii, The Vatican, Saint Tropez, Gibraltar, Barcelona, Alicante, Portofino, We were in Gib on Saturday and it was 82 degrees, lovely. The girls went to prison for2 weeks (kennels) and it's a shame as Saffy wasn't well and Poppy has lost quite a lot of weight as she had to be treated as well. At the moment I've got Poppy on 3 meals a day again as I need to get some meat on her skinny bones. Lovely holiday and hubby treated me to the spa so was in there most days and in the gym every other day so I only put on 1 and 3/4 lbs. They say on cruises most people will put a lb on for every day as there is so much food as it's 24hr dining. The last night the 3 of us went to the Gary Rhodes restaurant on board for a charge of £15 per head. I'll see if I can get a few pictures up in a few days. At the moment I'm still in winding down mode after a busy 2 weeks. Back to work though yesterday but only 2 lessons per day. Linda x

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Today Saturday 26th March

Hi all, only short as not much to say really. I did manage to go to the gym during the week and went swimming both Thursday and Friday. Back to drinking 1 1/2 litres of water a day, which I find such a chore but it's supposed to be good for you and it does fill you up, only problem it runs straight through you. The weather has been lovely and it's great driving around Guildford seeing all the lovely daffs out. I took a few pictures of the girls today and I've managed to put them here. Poppy is getting a big girl now, see what you think. Bye for now, Linda x

Sunday, 20 March 2011

sunday 20th

Hi all. I did a fair yesterday, nice location but not very good for customers. Today I've been sanding down banisters and paintwork as we are getting some new carpets so now I've got painting to be getting on with. Just finished some ironing then think I'll head off for a bath and early to bed for a read. I went to the gym last Monday which was fine, did 25 mins of walking and running then 15 mins on the rowing machine, enjoyed myself. I'm hoping to go tomorrow but have to see. I went swimming last Thursday and intended to go on the Friday but had a bad night, awake from about 2.15 with a pain in my chest and I was worried if I went swimming I might drown, talk about a drama queen :)
Linda x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Birthday girl

Hi all, time now 22.41 and a quick blog. Had a cuppa in bed this morning from hubby.When we were ready we headed into town and went for pizza then home to take the girls out then over to mums for a cuppa and a cream cake. In the evening made some more bath bombs and got the labels sorted. No ironing, cooking or cleaning for me today. I've even been known to do a wash on crimbo day but never do anything I don't want to on my birthday. Hubby had ordered me a pressie but it hasn't arrived. We are having bad problems at the moment with the post, it's almost that we don't get any, only every other day. I'm hoping to go to the gym in the morning before I start work, but won't hold my breath. I must say, Japan is never far from my thoughts at the moment, I hope they come through this disaster. It was fantastic to see a man survive from sitting on his roof 9 miles out at sea where he had been swept away. I hope the nuclear plant stays safe. Linda x

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Busy few days

Hi there everyone. Sorry it's been a while but a lot has been happening. Mum moved out last Friday and we were busy running to and fro moving in bits and pieces waiting for the carpets. Anyway the carpet was done last wednesday and mum moved in last Friday. I think she is settled and likes being in her own space again. Mum has been talking to lots of people and was in town twice running around yesterday buying odds and sods for her new place. The other piece of news, we had the funeral of hubbies mum on Tuesday. As funerals go it was very nice. There was a service at church for all her friends and family then on to the crematorium for anyone who wanted to go and the back to the church hall where her churchy friends had laid on food and drink for people then it was back to hubbies dads' place for tea and more food. We had a friend who took us and brought us back and it was a very long day, we were out for about 14hrs in total. Mum came over and doggy sat for us. It's taken me about 2 & 1/2 days to get myself together again. If I do something out of the norm I can't seem to bounce back like I did before. The girls are fine and have 2 lovely walks over the field today. It's my birthday tomorrow but not sure what to do about it. Might go for a nice pizza. We are going to get busy and do some decorating as the place looks a bit tired and some wallpapering needs re-doing where the girls decide to eat it rather than leave it on the walls. just cooking hubbies dinner so must go and check on it. Linda x

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

2 bad nights

Hi all. The night before last I was woken up by "the Poppy babe" at 3am so took her and Saffron into the garden then when I got back to bed really struggled to get back to sleep. When I had to get up at 7.30 I was so tired and grumpy. Did my work and for the last couple of days mum and I have been taking stuff over to her new place ready for the move. I had an early night last night as I was so tired but woke up at 2.40am with the most amazing migraine, I thought my head would explode. Anyone who gets these bad heads will know what I'm talking about. I got up and took a couple of tablets and a tablet from the doctor for migraines and thankfully went back to sleep. When I got up this morning I had a tight chest and didn't feel great but went and did my first lesson. I had a slight gap until my next lesson so I popped in the docs and asked if I should try and make an app or go to the hospital. They actually fitted me in and he took my blood pressure and had a listen to my chest and said it may be a result of my bad head and to go home and relax for the rest of the day, which I did. Caught up with Holby and something else and later I'll have a nice hot bath and try another early night. Won't get a lie in though as I have a 7.05am pick up as I have an early test. Mums fridge freezer came today and tomorrow the carpet arrives so Friday we are hoping it's the big moving day. Mum was over there today and hubby took some more things over for her as I stayed home this afternoon. After I finish my lessons tomorrow I'll take some more bits and bobs over. Mum only has 2 more nights of us and the dogs bothering her. Bye all and keep safe and warm, Linda x

Friday, 25 February 2011

Hello all

Hello to all you lovely peeps out there in blogland. I went swimming today and now I'm up to 40 mins again, still got more to do though. We were at mums today taking some stuff over and unpacking. After we'd done a bit of work mum treated us to lunch, very tasty. Mum got the keys on Tuesday but can't move in yet until the carpet arrives and we don't know when that is for the minute. Today she ordered a fridge freezer, so it's all coming together nicely. When mum went over on Tuesday she had to go by bus and it took about 1 1/2 hrs as she has to go to Guildford bus station then another bus to Milford. When we shoot over in the car it takes about 12 to 15 mins, a bit of a difference. I had 2 tests this week, 1 pass first time and the other person failed, her first attempt. It was a lovely day yesterday as the sun shone and the temp was about 12 degrees, positively summer in my books. Today wasn't bad but no sun. Everybody is fine and Poppy is almost as tall as Saffron now, soon she'll be overtaking her. Poppy can be a bit of a bully as she launches herself at Saffron and Saffy just takes it. Hope to have a lie in tomorrow as I'm worn out. I think I could stay in bed for a good 1/2 day but can't do that as the girls wouldn't be impressed. I'll see if I can get a couple of pictures of the girls and put on here. It's 21.25 and I'm just waiting for a wash to finish then I think it will be blanket on, girls out and bed. I was up at 6.49 this morning so I could be at the pool for 7.30. Bye for now, love Linda x

Friday, 18 February 2011

today Friday 18th Feb

Evening all. This morning I was in the pool for 7.30am, mind you not happy at getting up so early. Swam for 40 mins and tried having a go at the front crawl breathing alternate sides, if that makes sense to anyone. Found it a real struggle to take the breath on my right but I did persevere and managed to get quite a few lengths done. My fitness level must be coming up again as I can now do 1 length breast stroke and 1 crawl for the time I'm in the pool. After my swim came home for a cuppa and got back to the leisure centre for 10am and my gym induction. All ok there. I don't do bikes or stepping as it sets my back off and as long as I run short times as I do anyway my back seems fine (fingers crossed). You save quite a bit of money and there is a long time during the day that I can use the gym cheaper, which is great. The spa looked great. Hope to have a go at that soon but I'm busy next week. The 3 of us went looking at carpets today and have the carpet fitter going to mums new place tomorrow. Mum picked a carpet but now isn't sure about the colour so we are going back in the morning to have another look before ordering and paying any monies out. Mum also looked at fridge freezers but I zone out quite quickly at these sort of things. Could just do with a nice win on the lotto but I won't hold my breath. We have some daffs, hyacinths and tulips all ready to burst into flower soon so that will be nice. The grass is a bit manky at the moment due to the wet weather and the girls going mad on it so hopefully when it dries up a bit the garden will look better. I'll be glad of a lie in tomorrow as I'm feeling really tired now. Just waiting for a wash to finish then hopefully off to bed. Hope everyone out there in blogland is fit and well. Take care, Linda x

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Change of plans

Hi all. Ok change of plans now. Mum won't be moving to the flat where we looked before but will be moving somewhere just a few roads away from where she used to live in Witley. It's a smaller place, but perfectly formed as the saying goes. Mum is close to her old friend and knows the area like the back of her hand. We were a bit worried that after the 6 months was up the person could double the rent or ask her to move out, so now she will be settled and can stay for as long as she wants. Mum will get the keys on Tuesday so it's all systems go now for looking at carpets and fridge freezers which we'll do tomorrow. I'm so excited for mum. I've told the girls that nana is moving out but they didn't seem to know what on earth I was talking about......that's dogs for you. I went swimming this morning and I'm in the groove again and tomorrow I've booked an induction at the gym so I'm stepping my fitness up a notch. I get the swimming and the gym and sauna if I want cheaper as a primetime member....there are a few advantages of being 50+. Hubby and I went on a dump run today, I don't know where it all comes from. I've made another couple of soaps that I'll put on here, I think there're cute but we'll see. Bye for now, take care and love to all, Linda x

Sunday, 13 February 2011

It's been a while

Hello, good evening and welcome. It has been a while judging by the date of the last post. Life goes on and all is fine and dandy here. The weather is rubbish at the moment and it's rained for a couple of days now. I'm finally back into the swimming groove, but I do struggle to get up at 7.15am on Thursday and 6.50am on a Friday especially if I'm not working. On Friday I swam for 40mins and felt good about it. I went swimming last Sunday but never again, it was so noisy and full of screaming children, the car park was full and it was a struggle to find a locker. When I go swimming on the Thurs and Friday it's so peaceful, it's lovely. As you know mum lives with us but she has decided to move out as she wants to be independent and have more of her own space. Last week mum and I went and looked at a flat and when we got home she found an earring had gone. It was a gold one that my dad had bought her and she was upset about it. 3 days later we went back to the flat for a second look and guess what was looking at me on the kitchen floor...........yes the earring. Mum said it must be an omen and dad must be looking down on her. Mum has decided to take the flat and will be renting for 6 months to begin with and then see what happens. Mum's been buying some furniture but still needs a fridge and freezer. I've been busy making soap and I smell pretty good at the moment as I can smell the fragrance oils in the air, lovely. I'm hoping to use the CP soap I made on the course a few weeks ago and the smell from that is divine. I'm working tomorrow but hubby has got a weeks holiday so I'm jealous. Bye for now, take care, Linda x

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Sunday 30th Jan

Hi all, a couple of pictures of Poppy. The first one is of her with a food ball and the second is her in the basket moved to the conservatory while hubby is vaxing the floor. When I take the 2 girls over the field she is on the go the whole time unless she has stopped to go to the loo. and that's the only time. Today was a lovely sunny day and for a change it wasn't too bad out over the field. I've been making some soap but the batch I made today didn't work as I expected so now I'm not sure what to do with it. It had teddies and hearts in it but they are difficult to see. I made a loofah soap which is great but it needs to be a lot smaller as it weighs far too much, mind you it looked good. Mum and I went for a wander around Aldershot on Friday for a nosey but not too sure about the place, couldn't find any charity shops except one that sold furniture and I must say it had some nice stuff in there. Not much else to say really so I'll sign off. I'll keep you updated on the girls when I get a picture of them together, Linda x

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Hi all

Hello to one and all. It's been a while and I took some photos of the girls yesterday which I'll put on here later, it shows how big Poppy has grown. At the moment we have some sun outside but we've had so much rain the girls didn't go out for 2 days. Poppy is not a rain dog. I opened the back door to let her go in the garden and she saw the rain and ran back inside. We bought a wobble kong Friday and the girls love it and it keeps them occupied for ages. Saffy has got first dibs on it when it gets filled up and put on the floor, mind you Poppy does manage to snaffle any spare bits that fall out too far from the kong. I went swimming and running last week but finding the running a bit hard going at the moment.This is the first time I've been out running since Oct as I haven't left Poppy. I'm going on a soap making course next week and I'm looking forward to that very much, can't wait. I've been watching a lot of tutorials on utube but you can't beat going and getting you hands dirty. We took the piece of wood off the bottom of the baby gate at the top of the stairs and hubby went downstairs one morning and she managed to get underneath it, the gap was tiny so now the wood has had to go back on the bottom. I'll take a picture and show you what I mean. Bye for now as the sun has gone in and I believe we are due rain later so I'd better get the girls out, Linda x

Thursday, 6 January 2011

Enough is enough

Hi all,
The title says it all really. This morning I weighed myself and have put on weight as I knew I would over crimbo, but it's a bit more than I'm happy with. A while ago I donned waterproofs and started with my walking / running again. One good thing, they do exactly what it says on the tin, they keep the water out. I was drenched but nice and dry underneath. I've got things hanging in the bathroom now drip drying. We have snow forecast for tomorrow, what joy. The girls are fine but haven't been out today as it's so wet. I'll try and get a couple of photos of Poppy so you can see how she's grown. Short and sweet today. Linda x

Saturday, 1 January 2011

Happy New Year

Hi all, can't stop as I'm getting dinner, just wanted to say

Happy New Year

Linda x