Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Today Wednesday

Hi everyone. I actually went out and did a couple of hours work today. I cancelled my lessons yesterday but went out for a drive to see what it was like on the roads, they weren't too bad that's why I worked today. We still have snow or slush in Guildford and the side roads are a bit lethal as are some of the pavements. I don't think snow is forecast now until after crimbo, so that's good. Poppy had her coat on over the field today, she has grown into it which is great., she really does look so cute in it, if I say so myself. Saffy doesn't mind the snow but all she wants to do is eat it and I'm sure all that cold won't do her any good. Probably will get all my final bits in from the shops tomorrow, then no more. I can't believe the large shops and supermarkets are all open on Boxing day, who will need anything then. The way people are shopping you would think the shops will be closed for a month, not just a few hours.We don't have crimbo crackers on the table what we do is have little table pressies and make numbers for them and we each pick a number then pick a prize. We do it for the 2 days, and this evening I've been wrapping them up. It doesn't seem so cold now and I don't think it's been 0 or below for a few days, thank goodness it means the heating can get turned off for a few hours at night, dread to think how high the gas bill will be. I made my first soap loaf the other night (M&P) and it turned out great.I made lots of different coloured curls then added them to the loaf, really pleased with it and a couple of slices are being given away as pressies. Bye for now, off to get a wash going, Linda x

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  1. Your weather sounds better than ours, last Friday's snow is still with us - but then our council is RUBBISH and done nothing about it. Around here -2 is considered quite warm, not been above zero for some time. We have no idea how we will pay the gigantic bill when it arrives.
    Going shopping soon, not looking forward to it. I always shop for the week, usually on a Friday, but I havent had the car out all week, so having to go with OH.
    enjoy your first christmas with Poppy.

    Lynda x