Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Look what I've got .

Hello everyone, I have baby teeth. I've been on the look out for a few days now and found my first baby (puppy tooth on Sunday). I have collected a few teeth from all my girls and Poppy has shed a few at last. I have been known in the past to help loose teeth fall out with a little help from me pulling them a bit, nothing too drastic I hasten to add. Poppy has had a little chew on a crimbo tree branch but nothing over the top and it's still in one piece and standing. Saying that I haven't got any lights on it yet as I'm waiting to get them. Just taken a picture of her on the settee after her supper, a cocktail sausage, after coming in from the garden. Saffy has a couple of sausages with her piriton tablet in at supper time, mind you I don't do supper just the girls, demanding creatures these girls. We have snow forecast coming by the weekend, can't wait. At the first sign of snow I'm off to Tesco for milk and bread, got loads of stuff in the freezer though as it's near crimbo. Must go as I fancy a hot chocolate. Take care, keep well and keep warm, Linda x

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