Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Greetings from a very white Guildford

Hi all. It snowed heavily yesterday but mum and I went shopping, thank goodness we did as it has been snowing for about 5 hrs today. There are a couple of pictures of the girls in the snow taken today. Poppy had a mad 10 or so minutes earlier and she really loves it. Saffron went in the garden but she was less impressed. I and a lot of other people are still waiting for parcels to arrive for presents. I didn't think we would get post today but our man Pete arrived in almost blizzard conditions, well done Pete. It's very quiet out, no cars or buses anywhere to be seen or heard, I love it like that, so peaceful. Yesterday while shopping I was thinking ahead and bought the veggies and some cream just incase I can't get out later for the last minute things before crimbo. If that was the last shop we are fine for crimbo and boxing day dinners, hopefully not though. Both girls had a hide chew earlier and Poppy is still trying to get through hers, mind you she is a bit short in the teeth department. Signing off now, take care, keep warm and safe, Linda x

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  1. heavy snow with us too last night, did my shop on Thursday, but need to go again before 'the day'. Dogs seem to love the snow, not updated my blog with the pics yet but will over weekend.
    No driving for me for a while in this weather, wont help you much then if its the same with you.
    Lynda x