Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Greetings from Surrey

Evening all. It's turned cold again and snow is on it's way ( I believe ). More work to be cancelled, just what I need before crimbo. I think I've just about done all my shopping for pressies now, virtually all done online. The 3 of us went out this evening for a crimbo dinner at the local pub just over the common, nice, but had to come home for a cuppa, needed to have a bit of a gap between food and the tea. Poppy is growing quite quickly now, will have to get a few pictures soon to put on here. Today I've put the tree up but only put a few baubles on it and kept my pretty glass, breakable ones until next year. The baubles on it now I don't think will break if the tree finds itself on the floor, ah poor tree. Tomorrow I've got to buy some new lights as I can't find the transformer for the ones I have now, pain. Had a sort out in the loft and will be taking an older 6" tree of mine to the charity shop along with a table decoration and some gold and red beads on a chain. Some time during the day I must also write my cards and get posted, I'm so behind, such is life. Poppy is quite a vocal little girl but so adorable if I say so myself and a pretty little girl. I hope all her brothers and sisters did well in their new homes. Bye for now, keep safe and warm, Linda x


  1. Awww, puppy's first christmas!

    I'm so broody right now....for a dog not a baby!!!

  2. The only broody way to be Dizzy!

    Yes, we need more puppy pics to cheer us up with the nasty white stuff on its way.

    With 2 male dogs in the house we dont have a real tree, not a good idea.