Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

wed 29th

Hello to one and all. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Finally the snow has gone and it's warmed up. I feel I've done nothing but cook and eat for the last few days and I'm really feeling full to the brim. Today hubby and I went out for a 1 & 1/2 hr walk just to get moving but I did take the girls on a lead walk, not over the field for a normal run. It was a bit hard going at first as Poppy wondered what was going on then she settled down. After hubby and I got back from our walk, in the rain I hasten to add, a bit later we took the girls for another lead walk around about 4 blocks. The snow has melted from the garden and the field so now it's a bit soft and muddy and mucky everywhere. Poppy seems to be walking on stilts now a she seems to be springing up and she has grown into her coat better. Think I'll sign off now. Happy New Year to everybody.Keep safe and warm, Linda x. PS thanks to hubby and mum for all the crimbo pressies.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Today Wednesday

Hi everyone. I actually went out and did a couple of hours work today. I cancelled my lessons yesterday but went out for a drive to see what it was like on the roads, they weren't too bad that's why I worked today. We still have snow or slush in Guildford and the side roads are a bit lethal as are some of the pavements. I don't think snow is forecast now until after crimbo, so that's good. Poppy had her coat on over the field today, she has grown into it which is great., she really does look so cute in it, if I say so myself. Saffy doesn't mind the snow but all she wants to do is eat it and I'm sure all that cold won't do her any good. Probably will get all my final bits in from the shops tomorrow, then no more. I can't believe the large shops and supermarkets are all open on Boxing day, who will need anything then. The way people are shopping you would think the shops will be closed for a month, not just a few hours.We don't have crimbo crackers on the table what we do is have little table pressies and make numbers for them and we each pick a number then pick a prize. We do it for the 2 days, and this evening I've been wrapping them up. It doesn't seem so cold now and I don't think it's been 0 or below for a few days, thank goodness it means the heating can get turned off for a few hours at night, dread to think how high the gas bill will be. I made my first soap loaf the other night (M&P) and it turned out great.I made lots of different coloured curls then added them to the loaf, really pleased with it and a couple of slices are being given away as pressies. Bye for now, off to get a wash going, Linda x

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Greetings from a very white Guildford

Hi all. It snowed heavily yesterday but mum and I went shopping, thank goodness we did as it has been snowing for about 5 hrs today. There are a couple of pictures of the girls in the snow taken today. Poppy had a mad 10 or so minutes earlier and she really loves it. Saffron went in the garden but she was less impressed. I and a lot of other people are still waiting for parcels to arrive for presents. I didn't think we would get post today but our man Pete arrived in almost blizzard conditions, well done Pete. It's very quiet out, no cars or buses anywhere to be seen or heard, I love it like that, so peaceful. Yesterday while shopping I was thinking ahead and bought the veggies and some cream just incase I can't get out later for the last minute things before crimbo. If that was the last shop we are fine for crimbo and boxing day dinners, hopefully not though. Both girls had a hide chew earlier and Poppy is still trying to get through hers, mind you she is a bit short in the teeth department. Signing off now, take care, keep warm and safe, Linda x

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Look what I've got .

Hello everyone, I have baby teeth. I've been on the look out for a few days now and found my first baby (puppy tooth on Sunday). I have collected a few teeth from all my girls and Poppy has shed a few at last. I have been known in the past to help loose teeth fall out with a little help from me pulling them a bit, nothing too drastic I hasten to add. Poppy has had a little chew on a crimbo tree branch but nothing over the top and it's still in one piece and standing. Saying that I haven't got any lights on it yet as I'm waiting to get them. Just taken a picture of her on the settee after her supper, a cocktail sausage, after coming in from the garden. Saffy has a couple of sausages with her piriton tablet in at supper time, mind you I don't do supper just the girls, demanding creatures these girls. We have snow forecast coming by the weekend, can't wait. At the first sign of snow I'm off to Tesco for milk and bread, got loads of stuff in the freezer though as it's near crimbo. Must go as I fancy a hot chocolate. Take care, keep well and keep warm, Linda x

Sunday, 12 December 2010

Greetings from Surrey

Evening all. It's turned cold again and snow is on it's way ( I believe ). More work to be cancelled, just what I need before crimbo. I think I've just about done all my shopping for pressies now, virtually all done online. The 3 of us went out this evening for a crimbo dinner at the local pub just over the common, nice, but had to come home for a cuppa, needed to have a bit of a gap between food and the tea. Poppy is growing quite quickly now, will have to get a few pictures soon to put on here. Today I've put the tree up but only put a few baubles on it and kept my pretty glass, breakable ones until next year. The baubles on it now I don't think will break if the tree finds itself on the floor, ah poor tree. Tomorrow I've got to buy some new lights as I can't find the transformer for the ones I have now, pain. Had a sort out in the loft and will be taking an older 6" tree of mine to the charity shop along with a table decoration and some gold and red beads on a chain. Some time during the day I must also write my cards and get posted, I'm so behind, such is life. Poppy is quite a vocal little girl but so adorable if I say so myself and a pretty little girl. I hope all her brothers and sisters did well in their new homes. Bye for now, keep safe and warm, Linda x

Thursday, 2 December 2010

New pictures

Hi all, the pictures taken this morning from the bedroom window and Poppy in the garden. She loves the snow and was racing around the garden for ages this morning, Saffy has seen it all before and isn't bothered. I won't be taking them out today as it will be up to Poppies tummy over the field and when I brought Saffron in I had to get all the snow from her coat. It snowed for most of the night and it's snowing again now. I'd better sign off now as I'm busy trying to finish my accounts for the taxman. Linda x

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

It's snowing again

Hi all, just been in the garden with the girls for their last trip and it's snowing again. There's a lot of it too. Poppy loves the snow and it's difficult to get her in as she loves racing around in it. I've decided to only take them out once a day as Saffy comes back with so much snow in her coat and Poppy takes a few steps in her coat and then falls over. While we were out today I ended up carrying it all around the field with me.We've had the heating on all day and night for a couple of days so I knew Poppy would get warm when she came in. Today I gave them a big chew between them and it took Poppy ages to get through her third. I've put a couple of pictures for you to see.I lost a days work today but I didn't have any for the next couple of days so it's not too bad.Supposed to be doing a fair on Saturday but not sure about that at the moment.Off for a bath now then bed. Linda x