Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Thursday, 4 November 2010

very early morning trips to the garden

Hi all. The day before yesterday Poppy made a terrible mess in the house in the morning before she could get in the garden, so yesterday morning I got up at 3.10am and took her out,after being clean it was back to bed for us and she was good all day. This morning I got up at 1.40am and back into the garden we went, so far today, touch wood no accidents. Poppy takes a flying leap at Saffron and a couple of times Saffy has squeaked then chased Poppy around the house. Mostly I'm pleased to report they get along fine and play well together. Tonight when I fed Saffy I took my eyes off what was happening and Poppy took a few mouthfuls out of the bowl, but at least there was no growling or snapping which is great.Poppy is quite good at coming back in the garden but when I take her out on the weekend she'll go out on her own for a while as I need to train her to return, something Saffron does in her own time, when she feels ike it,where's the fire, if you get my drift.I'm off tomorrow and have to do a dump run as we are still clearing out the loft, the stuff we are getting rid of or taking to the charity shops could furnish a new house I'm sure. Mum is going into town tomorrow as she needs a break from " The Poppy ". Bye for now, Linda x

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