Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hi all from a snowy Guildford

It has arrived....the snow. Hello all and it arrived today just as they said it would. I did a lesson in the light snow from 12pm until 1pm and my next lesson was due at 1.30 but by then it was very dark and the snow was heavy and laying on the ground, so all the lessons for the day got cancelled. We are fully snowed in so I can't see me doing any work for the next day or two. I've added a couple of new photos of our new shed that the 3 of us put up in the freezing cold last Saturday and Poppy in her new coat. The shed took us about 6hrs to do and mum and I took it in turns to get very cold while helping hubby. When Poppy has been going out for walks I've been putting tons of layers on and I thought Poppy is only young and slim so she might be cold. Hubby and I went out and bought her a coat. It's too big really at the moment but she'll grow into it and hopefully grow some more fur. When it was first put on she managed to step out of it and she rolled over and it just came over her head and off. Mum and I were watching and it was so funny. The picture of Saffron could have been taken today as that's what it's like here now. Hope everyone is managing to stay warm and out of trouble. Linda x

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  1. What no puppy snow pics yet? Great new coat for Poppy, Alfie is awaiting his new coat from Germany, I know he is a young Labrador but he has HD so needs saving from the freeze.

    No snow with me yet, and hoping it stays that way.