Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Hi all from a snowy Guildford

It has arrived....the snow. Hello all and it arrived today just as they said it would. I did a lesson in the light snow from 12pm until 1pm and my next lesson was due at 1.30 but by then it was very dark and the snow was heavy and laying on the ground, so all the lessons for the day got cancelled. We are fully snowed in so I can't see me doing any work for the next day or two. I've added a couple of new photos of our new shed that the 3 of us put up in the freezing cold last Saturday and Poppy in her new coat. The shed took us about 6hrs to do and mum and I took it in turns to get very cold while helping hubby. When Poppy has been going out for walks I've been putting tons of layers on and I thought Poppy is only young and slim so she might be cold. Hubby and I went out and bought her a coat. It's too big really at the moment but she'll grow into it and hopefully grow some more fur. When it was first put on she managed to step out of it and she rolled over and it just came over her head and off. Mum and I were watching and it was so funny. The picture of Saffron could have been taken today as that's what it's like here now. Hope everyone is managing to stay warm and out of trouble. Linda x

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Today Tuesday and it's cold

Hello all, it's cold in Guildford and I've just checked the weather forecast and we have light snow for Friday, can't wait. I've been cold from about August. As I write this I have 2 pairs of socks on and 4 layers on my top half and I'm still cold. I was stroking Saffron a few days ago and on her neck she has a lot of scabs where Poppy has been sinking her teeth into her, poor soul. I've started the "down " command with Poppy now and she lies down ok but I have to put the word to what she does. The other day she was in the garden and I wondered what was in her mouth only to find a green net that has the fat balls for the birds in. I was calling her to come but she was running round the garden having a lovely time and all I could see was a huge vet bill when it had gone through her stomach and got blocked,OMG. A couple of louder "come here" commands seem to do the trick and I took it out of her mouth straight into the bin, thank goodness. Mum and hubby say how big she's getting now but I can't see it. I know when she's on your lap she overhangs a bit now and she takes up half a settee quite easily. I'll see if I can take a few more pictures for you to take a look at. Ok, that's it from a cold and tired Linda x

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Daddy bonding time on the weekend for Poppy

Hi all, I"ve been out for both days on the weekend so it was a good time for " daddy and Poppy " bonding. I think Poppy gave hubby a bit of a hard time yesterday with running in and out and picking on Saffron and today he had things to do so he wasn't paying her complete attention therefore wasn't surprised when accidents happened indoors. I think Saffy suffered a bit too as Poppy only had her to pick on for a while unsupervised. I come home, she gets fed and watered, so to speak and then she's asleep for hours. As I write this she is asleep on the sofa on a quilt downstairs, lovely and comfy and cosy. Saffy spent some time upstairs when I came home just after some peace and quiet and happy to have "Saffy time". Met some people from the "craft forum" over the weekend so it was good to put faces to names. I'm really tired now so this is it for today, take care, Linda x

Monday, 15 November 2010

Fell in stinging nettles

Hi all, time now is 23.37 and my knee and hand are still throbbing from earlier. I took Saffy out and was worried about her getting caught in the lead so I lost my balance and took a tumble into stinging nettles, that was at 3.20pm. I put my hand and knee down and it still hurts all this time later, what a pain. Mum and I went out for a couple of hours to lunch earlier and Poppy went into her kennel with a kong and they were both good, not that Poppy can get up to much though.Hubby came over the field with me and Poppy and he was impressed with her recall work.We even had other dogs around at the time, I was pretty pleased with her. Had a bad back for about a week now and have just got out of the bath and sprayed myself with Ralgex and I'm feeling the pain of the spray now as I must have done it too soon after the bath, sore and burning at the moment,ouch.Must let Poppy out in the garden for one last time then off to bed. Looking at my diary for tomorrow I was originally going to be busy with 6 lessons but now I have only 3, more time for training I suppose but have lost out money wise. Bye for now, sleep tight one and all, Linda x

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Hi all, just a photo taken today, enjoy Linda x

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Recall trainng

Evening all. I've added a couple of new pictures to the blog and now Poppy doesn't get in the basket and wet in it I can add some more padding to it. The other photo is when hubby took them over the field last Saturday.He only managed a couple of pics as Poppy just wanted to run round in circles. For the last couple of days I've taken the girls out separately, Saffy for her long walk and Poppy so I can start some recall work and a shorter walk. When we get over the field it seems a bit daunting for Poppy so she doesn't seem to want to go too far from me, which is good, and with a lot of help from some cocktail sausages she comes back rather well. I think she has mastered the "sit" now and so far with no distractions and a fair wind behind us she returns well, see what happens when there are other people and dogs about. I now want to move on and have a go at the "down" command. I think she seems to be geting the hang of the house training now as she runs to the back door when she wants to go out,but this also applies when she wants to chase the birds. As she makes the effort to go out we now have to keep an eye out for that. If I want her to go in the garden she just sits in the lounge and stares at me. The girls are getting on well but I think Poppy can play a bit rough with Saffron. Bye, Linda x

Monday, 8 November 2010

Poppy had a trip to the vets today

Hi all. Poppy has had the runs for a couple of days so I tried 6 very small feeds, 3 feeds and finally gave up when I couldn't think of anything else to try. I even stopped the kong incase it was the spray stuff that you use. She has had really bad runs for about 3 days and today after an accident in the conservatory I thought enough is enough, poor little soul. The vet said it's probably nothing to do with food as you just feed them to what they want, but it might well be a winter bug that goes around. I must admit Saffy gets the runs sometimes but it's easy to sort her out but not a pup. When she had a jab talk about cry, you must have heard it up the road and then some. Anyway she's got some tablets, going to reworm her then if it continues, another visit, fingers crossed she gets better. For this little trip I came away £55.98 lighter. I've added a couple more pictures taken in the last 1/2 hour, enjoy, Linda x

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Today Sunday

Hi all and firstly Happy Birthday mum. We went out to dinner today to a restaurant we hadn't visited before and it was very nice. We thought we might try a different place once a month. Poppy went out for her first big grown up walk yesterday with hubby as I was at a fair and couldn't make it. Today though it was my turn. The first time I took Saffy out for her normal walk then came back for Poppy as she can't go as far yet. My goodness, she was all over the place, going from one side to the other then wrapping herself around my legs, I don't know how I didn't fall over. This afternoon hubby and I went out with the 2 girls and she was tugging on the lead rearing to go and play with Saffy.The 2 walks were so different. I think I'll make this short (ish) and sweet so I'll sign off now and go and make a cuppa. Linda x

Thursday, 4 November 2010

very early morning trips to the garden

Hi all. The day before yesterday Poppy made a terrible mess in the house in the morning before she could get in the garden, so yesterday morning I got up at 3.10am and took her out,after being clean it was back to bed for us and she was good all day. This morning I got up at 1.40am and back into the garden we went, so far today, touch wood no accidents. Poppy takes a flying leap at Saffron and a couple of times Saffy has squeaked then chased Poppy around the house. Mostly I'm pleased to report they get along fine and play well together. Tonight when I fed Saffy I took my eyes off what was happening and Poppy took a few mouthfuls out of the bowl, but at least there was no growling or snapping which is great.Poppy is quite good at coming back in the garden but when I take her out on the weekend she'll go out on her own for a while as I need to train her to return, something Saffron does in her own time, when she feels ike it,where's the fire, if you get my drift.I'm off tomorrow and have to do a dump run as we are still clearing out the loft, the stuff we are getting rid of or taking to the charity shops could furnish a new house I'm sure. Mum is going into town tomorrow as she needs a break from " The Poppy ". Bye for now, Linda x