Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday today

Hi all. Poppy having a bit more of a lie in before she gets up and thankfully when she comes in from the garden early in the morning she runs to the bottom of the stairs waiting to go back to bed. She had her 2nd jab on wednesday so she'll be able to get out soon. Today I went ice skating with a friend and was gone for 3 hrs and when we pulled up in the car to get dropped off I thought someone had died. Mum was doing lot of hand signals and when I got indoors found out that Poppy had wet the floor about 3 times and did other things twice. Hubby was busy with the vax machine again. I think that's twice in 2 days. I must admit it was all go from the minute I got up this morning until I went out at 2pm. Talking about ice skating though I managed to stay upright all the time we were there, happy or what. It's been over 20 yrs since I went last.My washing machine thinks it needs a holiday as it's on the go quite a lot and it's a bit of a nightmare keeping up with the doggy washing. Roll on in about another 3 weeks when Poppy can control what she's doing. At the moment we are taking her out about every hour apart from after playtime and feeding time. I remember now why I said " NEVER AGAIN HAVING A PUPPY"..As the song goes...."things can only get better". Linda x

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  1. LOL, remember those days all so well, my very first puppy was adopted in November, swore I would never house train in winter again!

    Well done on the ice skating, must be more like 30 years since I last went and couldnt stay stood up then, quite certain I would break bones if I tried it now.