Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Poppy and Saffron today

Hi all, what a night, what can I was a nightmare. These 2 girls are still not sleeping together and I have a heavy suitcase dividing them at night at the bottom of the bed keeping them away from each other. Last night Poppy wouldn't settle and I wasn't feeling too well so at 2.30am I got up and took her out into the garden to be clean, so far so good. Went back to bed and for the next hour she was having a go at the suitcase and jumping up at the side of the bed next to hubby so there was a lot of "down" and "no" going on. A bit later it went quiet, hurra until 4.15 when you think someone had tried to do her a mischief,what a noise, it was so loud and awful, in a way that was true. When I leapt out of bed she was next to me by the side of the bed on the floor and Saffron had rolled onto her and was squashing her. I moved Saffy and it went quiet again for a couple of hours. So much for the blockade. Today they have been playing together in the garden so I'm hoping they might actually be able to sleep without being divided in the bedroom, we'll see.She is a real cuddle bum and there's a picture of her on my lap feeling at home.At the moment she's asleep at my feet while I write this.Bye for now,Linda x


  1. Oh the joys of puppyhood! When we adopted Jaja 7 years ago as a pup, we had 4 large adult dogs so he was in a crate in the bedroom for his own safety. After 2 nights of the most unbareable HOWLING ever, he was let out, peace resumed.