Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Not well last week, had the lurgy.

Hi all,not very well last week as one of my pupils gave me the lurgy. It really knocked me out for a few days and even now am still tired and sniffing.I haven't been able to do any running as I feel worn out and have only been swimming once. I had a pupil who took the new driving test which involves independant driving and she passed first time.The new test isn't so bad after all. On monday I'll have some news of a new puppy but I don't want to say any more here. Watch this space for photos and news. Signing off now as must go and get some dinner going for hubby and mum. Hope everyone out there in blog land keeps away from any people with the flu. Keep safe and warm, Linda x

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  1. Puppy, eh?? HOW FUN!!!!!!!

    Whenever you are sick, make some chicken broth, add a hint of garlic and a slice of lemon - it makes you feel lots better!

    A neck ache is so inconvenient, and you keep forgetting and move your head...OW. Hope you are doing much better. Got a heating pad for it? One of those neck warmers you microwave??