Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Sunday, 31 October 2010

Today Sunday and new pictures

Hi all. Poppy is very frightened of fireworks as I have found out in the last couple of days. Here are a couple of pictures taken today of the girls. Hubby has had the vax machine out again today as there have been a couple of puddles. Ps. no aches from the skating, hurra. Todays blog, very short and sweet,Linda x

Saturday, 30 October 2010

Saturday today

Hi all. Poppy having a bit more of a lie in before she gets up and thankfully when she comes in from the garden early in the morning she runs to the bottom of the stairs waiting to go back to bed. She had her 2nd jab on wednesday so she'll be able to get out soon. Today I went ice skating with a friend and was gone for 3 hrs and when we pulled up in the car to get dropped off I thought someone had died. Mum was doing lot of hand signals and when I got indoors found out that Poppy had wet the floor about 3 times and did other things twice. Hubby was busy with the vax machine again. I think that's twice in 2 days. I must admit it was all go from the minute I got up this morning until I went out at 2pm. Talking about ice skating though I managed to stay upright all the time we were there, happy or what. It's been over 20 yrs since I went last.My washing machine thinks it needs a holiday as it's on the go quite a lot and it's a bit of a nightmare keeping up with the doggy washing. Roll on in about another 3 weeks when Poppy can control what she's doing. At the moment we are taking her out about every hour apart from after playtime and feeding time. I remember now why I said " NEVER AGAIN HAVING A PUPPY"..As the song goes...."things can only get better". Linda x

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Little bu**er, Poppy

Hi all from a frazzled Linda. Poppy (ah bless ) some tell the truth, got me up at 4.10am by jumping up at the side of my bed. I let her in the garden then took her upstairs to get Saffy and by the time I'd got upstairs again hubby was standing there asking me when I was going to take Poppy out as she was barking and howling. She did settle down again but I was so tired at 7am when I had to get up. I was working today so had a slight break from it. I put her in the kennel for a while with a stuffed kong and she was quiet for all of...........5 MINS. This morning at 8.10 I sat in the kennel with her and closed the door behind me to show her it's a lovely place to be. She was as good as gold chewing something next to me completly relaxed until I left the kennel. I'll put a picture of the kennel up here so you can see it's a big one. I'm off to work again now so it's hubbies turn. Bye for now, Linda x

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Better night last night.

Hi all, a better night last night I'm sooooooo glad to say. Took the girls up to bed with me last night and Poppy went straight to the quilt on the floor next to my bed and Saffy took herself to my mums room. About 2.15am I woke up and found them both on the quilt asleep, ah bless. About 6.10am Poppy was jumping up at the side of my bed so I got up and took her into the garden then made a cuppa and watched some of the Grand Prix.By about 9.30 I was so tired I went back to bed for an hour. Today Saffy hasn't been well but still managed to play in the garden with Poppy. It's so nice to see them both prancing around playing chase. Saffy has a lot of chew toys that she still takes out of her toy box and as she's chewing on something Poppy takes it out of her mouth and walks off with it and starts chewing it for herself. I was holding my breath the first time it happened and I was waiting for the fallout but nothing happened. Saffy will pick something else and pup takes that too, Saffron is being very patient with her. I put Poppy in the indoor kennel today as hubby was in the garden doing building work, I went for a run and mum was upstairs as she hasn't been well and did she howl or what, I believe she screeched and moaned all the time I was out. I put the radio on and gave her a stuffed kong for good measure but it didn't help. Saffron was a howler when she was small and I'd never heard anything like it before, it was so funny but deafening, I don't think Poppy has quite got the same volume, YET. As I'm writing this on my laptop Poppy has just taken hubbies slipper off his foot and run off with it. Wednesday she'll be having her 2nd jab so in a week she'll be finding her feet in the big outside world. She has a squeeky boot which she seems to like and is very good at bringing it back to me. So far so good with the new puppy owning. I think I had worked myself up into such a frenzy about how awful it was going to be it doesn't seem too bad. Fingers crossed, touch wood and any other things I can think of. Love Linda x

Saturday, 23 October 2010

Poppy and Saffron today

Hi all, what a night, what can I was a nightmare. These 2 girls are still not sleeping together and I have a heavy suitcase dividing them at night at the bottom of the bed keeping them away from each other. Last night Poppy wouldn't settle and I wasn't feeling too well so at 2.30am I got up and took her out into the garden to be clean, so far so good. Went back to bed and for the next hour she was having a go at the suitcase and jumping up at the side of the bed next to hubby so there was a lot of "down" and "no" going on. A bit later it went quiet, hurra until 4.15 when you think someone had tried to do her a mischief,what a noise, it was so loud and awful, in a way that was true. When I leapt out of bed she was next to me by the side of the bed on the floor and Saffron had rolled onto her and was squashing her. I moved Saffy and it went quiet again for a couple of hours. So much for the blockade. Today they have been playing together in the garden so I'm hoping they might actually be able to sleep without being divided in the bedroom, we'll see.She is a real cuddle bum and there's a picture of her on my lap feeling at home.At the moment she's asleep at my feet while I write this.Bye for now,Linda x

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

New puppy Poppy

Hi all, I did mention a puppy on my last post, here she is. Her name is Poppy and she's about 10 weeks old. We got her from the Irish Setter Rescue and she's a cross between an Irish and English Setter. Her mum was an Irish and her dad was an English Setter. Poppy and her parents plus about 9 siblings came from Ireland and I don't know much more about her. Mum and I picked her up on Monday and I thought she's be sick on her way home but she was as good as gold. She decided " I don't do boxes" so when mum took her out of the box she just slept for the rest of the journey in mums arms. She is almost house trained and has only had a couple of accidents in the house as the last place she was at started putting newspaper down which has helped. Saffron isn't too impressed at the moment but at least she doesn't want to stay upstairs behind the baby gate. When I brought her home she got through the gate in the back garden but I was there and saw it happen, so Tuesday hubby went to B&Q and got some wire mesh so now she's safe. Upstairs there was a bit of a gap under the baby gate so he had to put a bit of wood underneath, I'll put a picture on here tomorrow.Today she had a mad run around the garden and totally loved it. I wanted a cuddle bum and that's just what she is, fantastic.Linda x

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Not well last week, had the lurgy.

Hi all,not very well last week as one of my pupils gave me the lurgy. It really knocked me out for a few days and even now am still tired and sniffing.I haven't been able to do any running as I feel worn out and have only been swimming once. I had a pupil who took the new driving test which involves independant driving and she passed first time.The new test isn't so bad after all. On monday I'll have some news of a new puppy but I don't want to say any more here. Watch this space for photos and news. Signing off now as must go and get some dinner going for hubby and mum. Hope everyone out there in blog land keeps away from any people with the flu. Keep safe and warm, Linda x