Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Friday, 10 September 2010

Still no takers, ah bless.

Hello to one and all. I've still got to report my bird houses are empty. We bought a new peanut feeder and that's very closeby to encourage someone to move in but alas no one has yet. Today I had a big debate with MYSELF while sitting on the edge of the bed this morning. It was about going swimming or not. I got up, pulled the covers back and had a talk wether to go or not. I'm thinking the bed is warm do I really want to get in the car and get wet and take about 2 hrs out of my day when I could just go back to bed. In the end, I'm thinking, new dresses to get I went, hurra and really enjoyed it too. I can now do 1 length freestyle and 1 length breastroke with no stopping at either end for 40 mins. It shows how my fitness levels have changed and if the breathing is right it is ok, I'm really pleased with myself. I want to add another 5 mins to my time in the future just for good measure. Wanted to go for a run and baby jog for 2 days but right in the middle of my left knee it hurt everytime I moved it, so I couldn't go. Hope the weather stays dry over the weekend so I can get the grass cut and I really need to do a dump run. Must be off now as huby and I will take "the Saff " out, Linda x

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