Saffron loving the snow

Saffron loving the snow

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Evening all

Hi all, Saffy is still walking with a limp so I will have to mention it at the vets tomorrow as I have the insurance forms to pick up. Expensive business this, so far it's cost almost £450 ish. I'm still keeping her on her lead as I'm not sure about the limp. I've been busy doing some chiping and chopping as the recycling for gardening comes tomorrow and it will save me a trip to the dump. Hubby had a pizza tonight and he always orders chicken strips which he and Saffy share, ahh bless. Been busy booking fairs for Nov and Dec so hopefully should be busy just before crimbo. Hope to get up early and go swimming in the morning at 7.30am. Was going to go the other night but couldn't really face it so I donned my runners and did my walk/ 3 one min jogs. Stumped to say anything else, that makes a change I hear someone say, so I'll sign off, Linda x

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  1. It does run up fast...had a friend who spent $12,000US getting her llama fixed up after it was bitten on the nose by a rattle snake...